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Divers of Vingle, Thank you to those who are continuing to support our community. I will admit that this role was more difficult than I expected as I wish I had been more successful in providing a better community for the scuba diving community. Our online presence, I say, is not as big as I believe it should be. I feel that Vingle will eventually become THE online community that divers from across the world deserve. While I will no longer be the editor, I will continue to work for the betterment of our community as a community leader. I look forward to our continued growth :) Truly, Mikyung0412 :)
@mikyung0412 I'm sure that vingle will make it coz there are vinglers like you!!! :)
@onesmile Thank you! Scuba divers deserve a better community and I hope Vingle provides the solution. :)
@amog32 I'm very happy that you like my content. Sure, I'll continue to work for our Scuba Diving community. Thanks!
@medusa Thank you for your encouraging message. I love you guys !
Thank you ^^! I hope your feeling ends up being true~
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