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Hey, Fitness guy here. Just wanted to say that this has been a good learning experience. I have enjoyed that the recent fitness and health content is really what I had hoped to envision when I started being an interest editor. I think little by little the community will continue to develop to provide great content that will be beneficial to the health of all. I look forward to the spreading of good health. Great to have been your Fitness & Health editor and looking forward to seeing us grow!
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@nokcha good luck! I am sure you will continue on @windycitytale work. Also @windycitytale i have really enjoyed your crossfit content! thanks bro! :)
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@amog32 have you tried crossfit? it is brutal. Thanks though @windycitytale I told you you would do a good job! Over 2000 new members. Great job man
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@medusa @amog32 Thank you!!
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Good job @windycitytale and good luck @nokcha :)
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Great job, @windycitytale. Thank you for your hard work!
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