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How to Feminize Seeds At Home like a Pro?

Mist hemp farms have one thing in common and that is, knowing how to feminize seeds at home like a pro. When farmers and seed banks know how to feminize cannabis seeds, they can ensure the survival of a desirable generation. From using the feminizing spray for plants to pollinating female plants, there are a number of ways that farmers use to feminize cannabis seeds. The trichomes, resinous flowers, and rich cannabinoid profiles have an important role to play in growing cannabis.

Many believe that feminizing cannabis seeds is easy and fun because they don’t need any male plants during the harvest season. They can have a bountiful crop even if there are only female cannabis. However, it is the nature of the cannabis that they tend to produce about 50% males and 50% females. Well, that’s where the feminizing techniques come into play. Most times, the techniques yield great results with no risk of further pollination.

Why it is Important to Feminize Cannabis Seeds?

All breeders and seed banks are interested in female cannabis plants for all the obvious reasons. When there will also be male cannabis plants, they will take up space and nutrients from the harvest. And not only this, but they will also cause smaller yields and seedy buds when left to pollinate with the female plants. When you use feminizing spray for plants or other means to feminize cannabis plants, you are assured that there are no male plants. This gives you the guarantee that each plat that you will yield is a robust and bud-bearing plant.

However, one should not feel that the male side of the crops is useless and invaluable. They are generally used for breeding auto-flowering strains. Like any other living thing on earth, they also have the potential to pass down traits and characteristics that are desirable for producing pest-resistant and mold strains. They are more than just being a breeder parent. But when someone is looking for CBD-rich hemp products, they require female seeds

Let’s now take a look at the number of techniques that can be used to feminize cannabis seeds at home without any hassle.


This is one of the most recommended and professional of feminizing cannabis seeds. This is how many reputable breeders and seed banks create feminized seeds to sell to the public. They use substances like gibberellic acid and colloidal silver. They cause a female plant to produce male pollen sacs. To do so, the breeders, drench these plants daily for the first 3-4 weeks with the solution and then, switch to 12/12. You can either buy or prepare the silver colloidal solution at home. It’s mainly a solution of silver suspended in water. If you can’t find it online, you can also find it in health stores as a dietary supplement.


If humans don’t intervene, finding unpollinated female cannabis in the wild would be near to impossible. Sinsemilla is an unnatural state of cannabis. These Sinsemilla plants are left to go beyond their desirable maturation stage for a number of weeks. As a result of this, the plant knows that it has not been pollinated and because of this, the plant will produce male pollen sacs to self-pollinate. This generally happens when the plant is stressed or is not harvested in time and the buds start to die of old age. Such a plant tries to do everything to save the next generation. This is a natural process and these seeds will all end up becoming females.

Steps to Feminize Cannabis Seeds at Home

Here are the most important steps that you should take to feminize cannabis seeds at home like a pro.

Spray the Bud Sites
After you select the female plant, you need to use feminizing spray for plants thoroughly every day with your colloidal silver solution or gibberellic acid. This must be done until the pollen sacs begin to form and split open.

Harvest the Pollens
When you notice that the pollen sacs swell and begin to open, they are ready for harvest. If you harvest early, you will only have the empty sacs. So, you need to make sure that you keep spraying them until they split. After you have collected the pollen sacs, you will have to let them to dry for about a week.

Pollinate Another Female
The female that you choose to pollinate will be the mother plant. When it gets two to three weeks into the flowering stage, you can spread the pollen on the pistils (hairs) of the developing bud. In around 6 weeks, your feminized seeds will develop completely.

If you are looking for high-quality feminizing spray for plants, look no further and visit the official website of Tiresias Mist.
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