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You can wear these new silhouette sweatpants with cardigans, knitted sweaters, denim jackets, varsity jackets,or even sports jacket. They come on many colors, prints and designs. You will find one that fit and some of them fits better than some jeans too. Personally, I think they are super comfortable to wear.
hmm, its very progressive to wear sweatpants out i guess? I couldn't ever do it though
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@Meninstyles I don't think I could wear these out of the house, but definitely for just wearing around the house. Do you know any companies that make type of pants?
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You can get some from Forever 21, Zara or even H&M below $50.
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@Meninstyles I'll check out H&M, thanks for the advice!
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My friend just got a pair from Marc Jacobs (or marc by marc jacobs...not sure) that are SO comfy. I always want to steal them from him!
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