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KJ to YK: You are not the Jang Yi Kyung i knew RM to DR: What if KJ knew about your existence DR to RM: please pretend you don’t know. please? KJ TO RM: who is the woman who i gave the ring to? Please tell me *KJ walks into DR’s store* KJ to DR: Jang Yi kyung, if you want to live your heart in comfort, you can just throw away your heart or use it for money ( i think? im not sure. im kinda confused as well.) KJ’s mom to KJ: Wake up, You are Taeyang group’s heir. if you do wrong, our family will collapse KJ muttering in his sleep: I want to forget, but i can’t DR: It’s better to let go *pulls her hand away from KJ then kJ will that hurt face* *DR runs into the hospital room and hugs Yihyun* DR: oppa credits to KinaW source: TaeGirl
@hannou i want the wait to be short but i also don't want it to end
@ameliasantos hhhhhhhhhhhh oh yes :((((((
the wait is killing me T___T @hannou
i am so excited to see this!!!!!!