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Monkey Whizz: What Is All About?

Monkey Whizz is a type of synthetic or artificial urine. These products are marketed for use as a sexual fetish, but everyone knows they’re really used to falsify information for a drug test.

Synthetic urea was first created (by accident) in 1828, and since then, artificial urines have become more and more complicated. Human urine contains many different chemicals like urea, uric acid, and creatinine. But it’s not just the chemical mixture you have to match. A good synthetic urine must also get the right pH balance, the right color and odor, the right density or specific balance, the right frothiness, and the right temperature.

Monkey Whizz does contain the right basic chemical mix, so if you’re just facing the most basic test, it might work for you. Just remember that synthetic urine is illegal in 18 states, so be sure you’re not going to be arrested for buying that package.

There are four basic Monkey Whizz products you can choose from:

· Monkey Whizz powder (you mix it yourself)
· Monkey Whizz Flask premixed liquid
· Monkey Whizz premixed with belt
· Monkey Whizz Dong (premixed)

One of the harder things about using synthetic urine to falsify a drug test is getting the right temperature. Human urine is between 96- and 100-degrees Fahrenheit. A laboratory will accept a sample down to 90 degrees. This means you’ve got a very narrow range of temperature to hit. Monkey Whizz powder has nothing to help you with this problem. The premixed options provide heating pads to help get the liquid up to the right temperatures. However, depending on the weather, your sample may become overheated or cool off too much. It’s not easy.

Another obstacle is that you have to smuggle the synthetic urine into the testing site and pouring it into the sample container without getting caught. The Monkey Whizz belt allows you to strap the container next to your body where it will be hidden (and warmer). The Monkey Whizz Dong is actually a synthetic penis filled with the premixed liquid.

Monkey Whizz is also not very expensive. The unmixed powder is under twenty dollars, while the premixed flask is more like forty dollars. The belt will run you around ten. However, remember it’s just a basic synthetic urine – none of these will be able to fool a reputable and competent laboratory that does more than the most basic of tests. A more reliable synthetic urine will cost you between $80 and $100, so you can see the price difference. You can choose the best for yourself by clicking on theihcc.com.

Unfortunately, this is one of those businesses where you do get what you pay for. No synthetic urines are 100% guaranteed, of course, but there are more reliable options out there if you’re determined to try to falsify your drug test results.