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Simple and Easy Mehndi Designs and Some Tips for Applying Mehndi

Mehndi is the most important tradition in India and is a part of the culture. In all the Indian traditions it is regarded as sacred and people love following this culture. The majority of the people are just confused about the thing that where does mehndi come from. So the answer to this is that mehndi comes from the dried leaves and the stem of the tree named henna. Henna also means mehndi so it is the plant part, which is a natural dye that imparts colour to your skin. Applying mehndi is art so if you keep practising you can become the artists and create designs of your own.


Applying mehndi is simple using simple mehndi photos. But people often prefer making some of the good designs so mehndi designs can be created in the mind as well as copied from different places. Mehndi is applied by making a cone of it. First of all the liquid paste of the mehndi is prepared and poured into the cone. To apply mehndi you will probably be requiring this cone. Next is to choose the designs. Before applying the mehndi, it is important to grease the area with the special mehndi oil. This makes your skin remain moisturized because mehndi can make the skin dry. Then you can apply mehndi.

Designs for mehndi include those of the floral designs and the peacock designs. These are the two famous designs that are prevalent all over, are mostly practised, and can be easily applied. These floral and peacock designs can be the easiest if you want to practice applying mehndi. At the same time, they look beautiful and charming. Different mehndi styles are there basically the Arabicmehndi and the complete bridal mehndi. The Arabic design is usually thick and is made up of flowers and some curves whereas the bridal mehndi is filled and is a piece of art.

The tips that should be kept in mind after applying mehndi is that never wash your hands with water while removing it they degrade the colour of the mehndi. Also after removing mehndi, apply some oil or index so that the colour remains intact to the skin. Also, use the natural mehndi instead of the artificial ones because that contains chemicals that may cause skin problems. So apply mehndi and enjoy the culture because it is loved by all.