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Last Saturday of March
It seems like today is the first time in a LONG time that I've been able to hit the gym. It's a drizzly morning here in NYC, so I jogged over to the gym on campus to start off my Saturday. I usually do an hour of intervals on the elliptical on settings like "Rolling Hills." I then stretch and do about 10 minutes of sit ups, lunges, and planks. I want to start using weights more in my workout but I'm a little lost. Luckily my roomates are all athletes so I can get them to train me :3 Now to write a paper and conquer this week!
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@Sjeanyoon I know, but its so hard to remind myself how great I feel afterwords. Now that the weather is nicer, though, I'll definitely be up for getting out of my apartment!
I definitely just dance around my apartment instead of actually working out....I need to get motivated, too!