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jin akanishi (japanese singer,dancer, songwriter) ex member of kat-un band
chingus, I found him, in my trip for asia, hopefully everybody enjoy it , like me.. @saharhyunjoong @analuna @Christy @sagyBsas @neishacasiano
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lol its the singer he finally showed his face in the movie sooo handsome he issss :-) thanks unnie
lol@tyta468 yes i am u sgd check out his music but watching his mvs nd him on stage he purposely nvr showed his face soo yess i was happy 2 him in the movie finally saw his face lol and he looks sooo handsome :-)♥ i wd like him as the lead role in a movie 4 sure thankuu unnie ;-)♥
@saharhyunjoong .he's doing really good, like acting. his voice is nice & just check his video in YouTube. .I'll tag some on kakao ok