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Kpop End of Summer Playlist Day 19-20 ๐ŸŽถ

My K-Pop End of Summer Playlist so far...
DAY 3. EXO- Ko Ko Bop MV
Day 4. Big Bang- WE LIKE 2 PARTY MV
Day 5. Red Velvet- Ice Cream Cake MV
Day 6. HyunA- Bubble Pop MV
Day 7. Astro- Breathless MV
Day 8. SF9- Summer Breeze MV
Day 9. A.C.E- Goblin (Favorite Boys) MV
Day 10. Stray Kids- God's Menu MV
Day 11. Ateez- THANXX MV
Day 12. BlackPink- Ice Cream (w/ Selena Gomez) MV
Day 13. Wanna One- Energetic MV
Day 14. ZICO- Summer Hate (Feat. Rain) MV
Day 15. Pentagon- Basquiat Performance Video
Day 17. TOO- Magnolia MV
Day 18. BTS- Dynamite MV
*credit videos to owners
Day 19.
SuperM- Tiger Inside MV
Day 20.
CLC- HELICOPTER Official Music Video

Until next time Kpop fans!

My Vingle Family

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