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I always need to start my day with a solid breakfast and that means PROTEIN. I'll either scramble eggs with greens (spinach, kale, etc) or I'll have yogurt. Greek yogurt is thicker so it fills me up for much longer. I add frozen berries, honey, cinnamon, and chia seeds. It is DELICIOUS. Chia seeds add thickness to the yogurt and is filled with proteins and omega-3s. (Be sure to check your teeth after you eat though, chia seeds always get such in mine UGH) Here's a great post about the benefits of chia seeds Sometimes I even add peanut butter. It sounds like a weird combo with yogurt but trust me its yummy :3 Does anyone else have good protein-rich breakfast ideas?
hahah @nokcha I understand, i'm like that with spam.. LOL
@samrusso716 oh in that case i'll look it up! i have to be in a certain mood for regular oatmeal
@nokcha noo, its more creamy and cold..almost like a oatmeal smoothie! Try it out :D
@nokcha I'll have to try some :)
@onesmile flax seed is yummy too!
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