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The Dirge Singer | 곡비 * Great drama and story. Brilliant acting by Kim Yoo Jung, she is maturing little by little, already a great child actress, she has a long career ahead of her. A female slave or woman of a private home who was paid for mourning at funerals is called a dirge singer. Dangeum is a dirge singer but her daughter Yeonsim doesn't want to be one because she would have to mourn and lament for her life. Yeonsim runs away to become a gisaeng, a female entertainer, thinking that smiling for life is better. But it's not easy as she's a daughter of a dirge singer, a low-born. Yunsu is born out of wedlock and is angry at his life as he cannot do anything because of his position. One day, Yunsu's brother, who is a true noble, dies. And Yunsu becomes the chief mourner of the house. He has never been treated that way so he gets confused. Will they be able to change their unfortunate destiny? The Dirge Singer | 곡비 (Drama Special / 2014.03.28) To watch ->  amazing DRAMA SPECIAL LOVED IT SOO MUCHH MADE ME CRY :'(