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How to Set Up a Representative Office in Vietnam

How to Set Up a Representative Office in Vietnam
There are two main steps to set up a representative office in Vietnam
#Step 1: Getting the License for establishment of RO.
You need to submit the RO establishment dossier to the Industrial and Trade Portal in the city where your RO is placed.
The dossier must include:
· An application for establishing Representative Office (“RO”) in Vietnam (We shall provide you the sample of application)
· Copy of the Business Certificate or equivalent documents of the foreign company; legalized by Vietnamese Consular in your country;
The cost to establish representative office in Vietnam is published on the website of Ministry of Industry and Trade
#Step 2: registering the seal sample and tax code. Hereinafter, we shall advise you on the procedure for setting up a RO in Viet Nam.
1. Seal sample registration
According to Vietnamese law, the RO is not considered to be a business entity, therefore, you can not register the RO’s seal at the Department of Planning and Investment as usual.
2. Tax code registration
Within ten working days from the date granting License for establishment of RO; you must submit the dossier applying for the tax code.