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URI oppa LOOKALIKE JO TWINS BOYFRIEND DID U ALL KNOW ABT THEM Twin brothers Kwangmin and Youngmin of rookie idol group 'Boyfriend' have been highly praised for their resemblance to singer Kim Hyun Joong. Ever since their debut, they've been dubbed as the 'Kim Hyun Joong twins'. In fact, before they were singers, the boys guested on an SBS program, whose panelists pointed out that the boys looked very similar to the SS501 star. Kim Hyun Joong himself acknowledged that the twins did look like him, which drew even more interest from netizens and viewers alike. During a recent interview with enews, Kwangmin and Youngmin remarked that those who felt they resembled their senior were "too kind". "We saw him recently on a music program, and he was awesome. We thought to ourselves that we wanted to be like him in the future," they said. The twins continued, "Kim Hyun Joong is someone with a very strong aura, as well as a great stage presence. We want to follow in his footsteps, being loved and acknowledged not only in Korea, but overseas as well." The two admit that they're "still lacking in a lot of ways", and that they continue to receive dance and vocal instruction from time to time. They will always work hard to develop as an artist. Perhaps in time, they'll get to see the day where their juniors will cite Kwangmin and Youngmin as their mentors. Meanwhile, Boyfriend is actively promoting their new song, "Don't Touch My Girl". Source & Image : enews24 via Nate THEY LOOK LIKE THE YOUNGER VERSION OF OUR OPPA EVEN OPPA SAID DAT HIMSELF A FEW TIMES THEY REMIND HIM OF HIS YONGER VERSION AWWW WHAT DO U ALL THINK JOKWANGMIN AND JO YEONGMIN BOYFIREND LOVELY TALENTED TWINS
@hyunsaeng638 noone like oppa supporting oppa first until we die henecia 4ever ;-)♥♥♥ muaahs i am w yaaa ♥
ok fine there is no one like him for me maybe after 50 yrs....hahahaha
@hyunsaeng638 hahas many ppl thght the same when i shared on my fb page oppa fans r really sensitive when it comes 2 oppa hahas its ok i am like dat 2 smtms ;-)♥
yah you are right..just having my opinion here hehehehe
@hyunsaeng638 lol ppl really took it the wrong way it was just it was not suppose 2 be a comparison hahas i just thght its smthng interesting 2 share nd i love the twins nd oppa teach them himself like a sunbae it was sweet so i looked into it nd they were adorable awww so i just shared w u all :-)♥♥ but they r really only babies so its just cant be a comparison :-)
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