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"The Fuji Shibazakura Festival is the world’s premier destination for seeing intricate fields of pink moss flowers blooming together in the way that only 12-year old girls can dream. The festival takes place near the scenic Fuji Five Lakes area, which sees more than 9 million visitors pass through annually. And if the sight of over 800,000 pink flowers entering their period of greatest beauty, freshness, and vigor doesn’t captivate you, the fields also offer an exquisite view of Mount Fuji on clear days. The festival takes place from mid-April through June, but the best time to see the five different kinds of Pink Moss flowers, generally speaking, usually takes place in early to mid-May. The whole spectacle takes on average about 60 to 90 minutes to walk through, but it is recommended to come early since it can get pretty crowded."
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@dillonk I haven't been to this festival, but I have seen Mt. Fuji from an airplane which is apparently REALLY lucky because its usually covered by clouds and therefore invisible from the air :)
@dillonk have you ever visited japan?
@caricakes No I have never visited Japan sadly. My friend is from Tokyo and we want to plan a trip, worth it?
@dillonk OF COURSE ITS WORTH IT! definitely go if you get the chance!
@caricakes Lol! I'll have to talk to him again about making it over there :D