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"INGREDIENTS 2 lbs Chinese eggplants (4 large ones), ends trimmed ½ cup vegetable oil for frying 2 tsp olive oil 3 cloves garlic, chopped 3 tbsp oyster sauce 8-10 fresh basil leaves INSTRUCTIONS Prepare the eggplants by cutting in half lengthwise and then cutting each half into 2-inch pieces. Heat vegetable oil on wok or non-stick frying pan. Fry eggplants, a few pieces at a time, starting with the side with skin for 2 minutes. Then fry the other side for 2-3 minutes or until brown and soft (not too soft). Drain on paper towels. Set aside. Add 2 teaspoons olive oil in now empty pan. Add garlic and cook for 20 seconds. Add the fried eggplants, oyster sauce and basil leaves. Gently stir for few seconds until flavors combine. Transfer to a plate. Serve with steamed rice and enjoy!"
@samrusso716 you cannot trust me with a plate of 'side dish' because before the main dish arrives they might be gone lol
@ameliasantos10 @caricakes SOO TRUEE lol, i would kill this entire plate.. teehee
@caricakes i would most likely finish all by myself > < ahahha
@samrusso716 I would serve this as a side dish, that way it serves about 3-4 people. but knowing me, i could probably eat more than one serving haha i love eggplant so much
ohhh how many does this serve? Is this meant to be an appetizer or main dish? either way, looks amazing !