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K-Pop End of Summer Playlist Day 30 🎶🎉

Today is the last day for my kpop end of summer playlist. I hope you enjoyed the playlist I put together.

My K-Pop End of Summer Playlist so far...



DAY 3. EXO- Ko Ko Bop MV

Day 4. Big Bang- WE LIKE 2 PARTY MV

Day 5. Red Velvet- Ice Cream Cake MV

Day 6. HyunA- Bubble Pop MV

Day 7. Astro- Breathless MV

Day 8. SF9- Summer Breeze MV

Day 9. A.C.E- Goblin (Favorite Boys) MV

Day 10. Stray Kids- God's Menu MV

Day 11. Ateez- THANXX MV

Day 12. BlackPink- Ice Cream (w/ Selena Gomez) MV

Day 13. Wanna One- Energetic MV

Day 14. ZICO- Summer Hate (Feat. Rain) MV

Day 15. Pentagon- Basquiat Performance Video


Day 17. TOO- Magnolia MV

Day 18. BTS- Dynamite MV

Day 19. SuperM - Tiger Inside MV

Day 20. CLC- HELICOPTER Official Music Video

Day 21. Super Junior D&E - B.A.D MV

Day 22. Jamie- Numbers Feat. CHANGMO Official Music Video

Day 23. Wonho- Open Mind MV

Day 24. Jackson Wang & Galantis- Pretty Please (Official Music Video)

Day 25. Taemin- Criminal MV

Day 26. Stray Kids- Back Door M/V

Day 27. Astro Moonbin & Sanha- Bad Idea M/V

Day 28. VAV- Made For Two MV

Day 29. Seven O'clock- Hey There MV

*credit video to owner
Day 30.

Until next time Kpop Fans!

My Vingle Family

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Hello The B! My name is Melissa. I am new to the fandom. I'm looking forward to learning more about this amazing group. I want to thank @Halsyeon for letting me join her team. I will be doing a brief introduction of myself for those who don't know me yet. As I mentioned before, my name is Melissa. I will be sharing some facts and information about who I am. * I am from Texas, born and raised * I am a huge kpop fan * I'm in multiple fandoms * My hobbies are reading, photo editing, watching dramas and WWE wrestling * I also enjoy fan fiction. I had dab in it, but need more practice. * To help me relax, I even crochet. It's nothing fancy though XD * My Top favorite kpop groups are Got7, BTS, EXO, NCT and Monsta X. * My Ultimate Bias is Jackson Wang from Got7. * I don't have a bias for The Boyz yet, but Hwall is the first member to catch my attention. So he has the potential XD * I am President for EXO, Got7, and NCT communities. * Besides being editor for The Boyz, I am also on council for Super Junior, Ateez, Nu'est, and others * I am looking forward to supporting The Boyz members. I will be supporting Sangyeon, Younghoon, Juyeon, Kevin, Q and Hwall. I will be posting for Sangyeon on Sundays. So stay tuned for my future Sangyeon cards. I will be posting for Younghoon on Mondays. So stay tuned for my future Younghoon cards. I will be posting for Juyeon on Tuesdays. So stay tuned for my future Juyeon cards. I will be posting for Kevin on Thursdays. So stay tuned for my future Kevin cards. I will be posting for Q on Fridays. So stay tuned for my future Q cards. I will be posting for Hwall on Saturdays. So stay tuned for my future Hwall cards * Kpop is the passion in my life. Well that's basically who I am. I am looking forward to learning more about The Boyz, and being part of their community. Let's enjoy the summer together! Until next time The B! The B Council: @Halsyeon @MelissaGarza The B Taglist: *Please comment if you would like to be added to The B Taglist* My Vingle Family @Just2BLoved @luna1171 @LiyahBoon @DefSoul1994 @QueenPandaBunny @QueenyCrossGene @Halsyeon @MaeLyn @royalpandajedi @BBxGD @BabydollBre @JaxomB @Starbell808 @EXOahjummafan @InfiniteUtopia @SweetDuella @CLAKPOP @Yugykookie97 @gabstar143
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