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Making ourselves pretty = Making our lives beautiful I just love doing hairstyles!
@jacquelinehippy I'll definitely try to do it this way!!! Thanks for the tips!!!
Hi. Before you put all your hair into the hole make by yourself, you can tie your hair like my 3rd pic. Maybe that will be easier to put all your hair in the hole. Friendly reminder, practice makes perfect. I also need to practise lots more. :)
@jacquelinehippy Sooo..... i just tried and it didn't come out like yours..i think my hair is too thin?
Hi dear! Yes, those are my own pics. It is very easy to do this hairstyle. First, you tie a pony tail. Then, make a hole on top of your rubber band. Next, put all hair in the hole. Finally, you can put some spray on your hair. That's it! Simple & nice! Practice makes perfect! :)
do you have a how to??? @jacquelinehippy i would love to try this style too!
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