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Namiseom may be the most visited suburban area in Korea mainly due to the memory of "Winter Sonata". I heard that this place was THE PLACE to go for 'Yonsama' lovers, the Japanese ladies who are so into Bae Yong Joon. Even though it became famous from "Winter Sonata", Namiseom itself is a really nice place to visit. You can enjoy lake boating and Makguksu, the traditional Korean cold noodles in Chuncheon which is close to Namiseom.
Koreans love this place too. I heard that this used to be a family day trip place before "Winter Sonata"
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I have been to this place several times when I was young before "Winter Sonata". I am very curious how this family-oriented place has changed. :)
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I love this place. I remember when they went there, Is very nice....:)
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