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I do love YOUTUBE
coz my boyfriends are so handsome in 1080HD! XD
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hahahahhahahhahahah but i do love youtube T+T it's getting kind of sad how much time i spend on youtube lol
4 years ago·Reply
@ameliasantos10 dont worry! OSS always spend time with their virtual boyfriends through youtube hahaha @onesmile youtube sometimes understand us better than others >.<
4 years ago·Reply
@rinapodolska you my friend is like a mind reader or a psychic ahhahahahaha exactly what i am thinking! do you have a favourite youtuber???
4 years ago·Reply
@rinapodolska definitely! you can totally find someone who shares interests and opinions with you so well on youtube :)
4 years ago·Reply
lol :-D
4 years ago·Reply