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Hi everyone! I'm excited to be the new Interest Editor for Fitness here on Vingle! Personally, I love pilates and do yoga on a biweekly basis. I am very interested in weight training and it is my goal to learn more about this, so if any of our community members know more about this topic, I'd appreciate some tips! Feel free to message me with any questions, comments, or suggestions. I'm excited to see how this community will grow and inspire others! Let's encourage each other, yes? I know I can always use an extra push to get me to the gym ;) Nice to meet you all^^ (And while I don't recommend Prancercising for serious Fitness lovers, you have to admit its fun~)
@nokcha that video is golden! Your greeting video has definitely made me your fan! XD
@nokcha ! so excited to see what you post.. if it's anything like this video.. HAHAH I'll love it!
@nokcha Congrats! and good luck! Let me know if you need my help!
Hi nokcha :)
Nice to meet you too! :)
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