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Wow! I love this set, and I am not one to usually love gold jewelry~ I think the moon pieces, adorned with little stars, are just gorgeous. This set is from a Japanese store; you'd likely have to use a shopping store to buy it and its quite pricey at over 400 USD per piece. Definitely not on my "to buy" list even if its on my "oh gosh I want this" list!!
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@onesmile ahhahaha yes staring at the photo lol it's like online window shopping hahahah just kind of keep looking at it and hoping it will appear in front of you some how
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@ameliasantos10 if only we had the technology to make our thoughts into real things lol
4 years ago·Reply
@onesmile oh that would be amazing~~ hahah i could do so much!~
4 years ago·Reply
@ameliasantos10 only good things, right? lol!!!
4 years ago·Reply
@onesmile ofcourse! only good/pretty things! ahahhahaahahah oops.. i mean imagine all the new collection.. of all the things LOL
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