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Alright, alright. I REALLY don't think I could do this one!! As much as I want to proclaim myself an adrenaline junkie and jump into the (cage) water, I don't think it would happen. In Gansbaai, South Africa, though, tourists and thrill seeks come to experience the Great White Sharks. Nearby is an island nicknamed "Seal Island," which the sharks linger near to in order to feed. So, when you get out on the water in your cage diving boat, and the boat hands drop some bait in the water, it won't be long till the sharks come swimming. After they come, you just have to hang onto your nerve long enough to get into the cage before it's sunk into the water for an underwater view of these huge sharks! --------------------------------------------------------------- How to get there: -A short two hour drive from Cape Town -Buses are also available from Cape Town for, on average, 20 USD -There are many different tour boats available; negotiate for the best price, and make sure to use a site like tripadviser to read reviews first! -Don't worry--they'll tell you the how-to's before putting you in the cage~ -The best months to go are between April and November; the later in the year it gets, the farther sharks retreat into "Shark Alley" where they are harder to attract.
@sjeanyoon i have good feeling about this teamwork! ahahahah
@onesmile @ameliasantos10 What a clever idea :)
@onesmile that's a good idea too hahahaha
@sjeanyoon @ameliasantos10 or we can just push each other XD
@sjeanyoon you are so right!! hahah trick yourself into doing things like this is probably the best thing ahhaha
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