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The benefits of RFID solutions in Pakistan in your warehouse

Improvements in the productivity and efficiency of your warehouse operations, along with the ability to control stock and traceability in real-time, RFID solutions in Pakistan is one of the most powerful tools for managing a warehouse.

What benefits does an RFID system bring?
We have already talked about how a rfid technology in pakistan works and its multiple applications to which it can respond, but can we determine and quantify the benefit that an RFID system brings to our company? Of course yes.

The use of RFID technology can bring great improvements to the management and profits of a company. Let's take a look at some of these improvements in RFID solutions in Pakistan by industrad.

Productivity + Efficiency = Profit
By using an RFID system like Tecnipesa's, your company will drastically reduce the number of people needed and the time spent in any process of identifying goods and products. At the same time, as it is an intelligent identification system, the number of reading errors and incidents in stock handling and order preparation is significantly reduced.

All this will result in a clear improvement in the productivity and efficiency of the staff when managing the warehouse. Thus, you can dedicate yourself to other tasks of greater added value, since the need for human intervention takes a back seat.

Thanks to the reduction in operating costs and the improvement of the management, you can achieve the return on investment (ROI) quickly. In many cases, in less than a year.

A well-integrated warehouse Management System complemented with RFID solutions in Pakistan is a guarantee of success for the management of your company.

Stock control from anywhere and in real-time
how to implement RFIDThere are many surprises that we can take with the management of our warehouse. With RFID technology, you can control your stock by knowing from any location, in real-time, and in an automated way, both the inputs and outputs of your warehouse. In addition, the system will allow you to know the exact location of the goods, reducing management times.

Instantly having the correct information, allows us to make appropriate decisions at the right time. The versatility of the RFID system allows you to integrate warehouse information into your ERP management system in real-time.

In this way, you will have detailed information on the status of the inventory and can make the most appropriate decisions.

Product and raw material traceability - RFID solutions in Pakistan

Traceability has become a key element to guarantee the safety of the products made by any company. This is a particularly important challenge in some sectors such as the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the food industry, or the already common automotive industry.

Sectors where safety for the customer takes precedence over everything else due to the risks involved in an error. Facing this challenge means having efficient traceability systems that guarantee safety for end consumers and throughout the entire value chain.

The RFID solutions in Pakistan that Tecnipesa applies for product traceability offers the ability to have the location of products in real-time, in addition to offering all the information on the different transits it has made through the value chain and the different elements of which the final product is composed. In this way, you can locate a defective lot at any time for withdrawal from the market.

In addition, at Tecnipesa we are aware of the different regulations that are required of manufacturers and suppliers in each sector, and we prepare all our RFID systems to meet the most demanding criteria.

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Real Estate Trends in 2021 in Punjab
The real estate sector of Pakistan is currently witnessing exponential growth. The main reason for this growth and prosperity of real estate and construction is the relief and reform package introduced by the current government. According to the macro-economic experts of the region, real estate was in itself a billion-dollar industry of Pakistan. However, due to a lack of correct documentation, this sector was largely reliant upon its own parallel economy. This was harming the overall economic growth of the country since the majority volume of real estate transactions went undocumented. This is now set to change as the government has implemented strict reforms regarding all transacting parties to follow procedural and tax net standard operating procedures. The current boom in the real estate market has set another precedent in the economic history of Pakistan. According to learned sources and real estate experts of Pakistan, the country is currently witnessing a major influx of new real estate investors. According to them, the veteran investors of real estate in Pakistan are active once again and are being proactively supported by new entrants in the market. This has revitalized the stagnated real estate sector of the country and the volume of real estate transactions has increased by an exponentially large level. As per the real estate experts of the country, the current trend – largely followed by the veteran and new investors – is investing for long- and short-term hauls in the new housing schemes. Since the debut of reforms and relief packages, real estate developers are taking full advantage and leverage by introducing new real estate housing projects in all megacities of Pakistan. The housing societies are becoming a logical investment option for real estate investors at large due to low cost and high returns. The year 2021 has dawned with a new promise in the real estate sector. In Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, the investment trend is also largely bending towards housing societies. Although there is a lot of financial investment activity going through various commercial projects as well. But the magnitude and scale of investments in the housing societies are currently unmatched. For instance, in Lahore, the largest investor interest has been witnessed across housing societies such as Park View Housing Society in Lahore and Lahore Smart City rather than the commercial projects in the city. The main trending housing societies in Lahore are currently Lahore Smart City Park View City. This is due to the fact that regions of suburban Lahore are becoming a prime location for real estate investments in the region. The Smart City Lahore Location and Lahore Park View City are both located in this region. Deal & Deals – one of the finest real estate agency in Lahore – is the exclusive dealer of Park View Lahore and Lahore Smart City. This means that you can easily buy a plot of your choice in both these real estate projects at discounted rates from this real estate company.
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It can be difficult for different people to come together and work as a team. Different perspectives sometimes lead to friction and disagreements. Yet it is precisely these various perspectives that are the greatest strength of a good team and often produce results that are far greater than what each individual member could come up with alone. The trick is to get all the team members working together instead of wasting energy in disputes with one another. Here are some of the best ways to encourage more and better teamwork among your sales staff. Set Specific Goals It is much easier for your salespeople to work together as a team if they know what they are supposed to be doing and have a common goal to work toward. Therefore, you should be specific in outlining goals that you want them to accomplish. In addition to setting goals for the entire team, you should also be specific about what you want each individual member to accomplish with a detailed sales operations job description that clearly identifies the role that each member is to play on the team. However, while your goals should be specific, be careful that you do not micromanage your team by making them too detailed. Tell the team members what you want them to accomplish, but do not tell them how they are to bring it about. Otherwise, you stifle the opportunity for creative problem-solving and brainstorming. Encourage Social Activities You should provide opportunities for your team members to get to know one another as people rather than merely co-workers. This may be a highly structured team-building event taking place at a local resort or an informal get-together at a nearby café. The better your team members get to know one another in a context removed from work, the more trust they will have for one another. As a result, they will be more comfortable discussing important issues with one another. Make a Plan for Dealing With Disputes Occasionally, interactions among team members may generate friction. This is inevitable when you have a bunch of different people working together, and it is not necessarily a bad thing. A disagreement may spark a new breakthrough. However, you need to prevent the spark from igniting a damaging conflagration of conflict. You can do that by having a plan in place by which to mediate disputes among team members. Be proactive in devising this so that it is ready before any conflicts start. Reward Good Work If you acknowledge when your team does good work for you, it motivates them to keep it up. At the very least, you should praise them for a job well done after the fact, but there are other ways to show your appreciation, such as small, tangible tokens. You can also try to inspire your team to do good work for you in the first place by offering an incentive for a job well done, such as a bonus, extra time off, or other suitable reward. If you are in charge of more than one team, you may pit them against one another in a friendly competition. Gather Feedback Team members know better than you do what is working and, more importantly, what doesn't work so well on a day-to-day basis. Ask for feedback from them on what is working well and what issues need to be ironed out. If you can create a safe forum in which team members can air grievances, such as an anonymous questionnaire, you are more likely to receive honest answers, which will be more helpful to you in addressing the concerns of team members. Remember that the goal should not be to stifle any disagreements completely. That way, you also limit a lot of creative potential. The goal is to channel that energy in a direction that is constructive rather than destructive. Fostering a baseline level of respect among team members goes a long way toward reaching that goal.
Problems Faced in Automation in CDM
Standardization of data Data should be standardized before automated sharing. It will lead to a faster collection of trial evidence and better analysis, enhanced transparency, faster start-up times, increasing the predictability of data and processes, and easier reuse of case reports across different studies. Take Clinical Research Training to understand better about on ground Problems faced by the Industry. Interoperability of EHRs for automation Although the use of EHRs has not been optimal, they have yielded great benefits at low costs and less time and presented significant possibilities for research. The collection, organization, exchange, and automation of data depends on the effective use of electronic health records (EHRs). However, EHRs have a history of poor interoperability and insufficient quality control and security of data. The way data is stored in these records often varies across institutions and organizations. Sharing the data becomes a struggle since there is no standard format for EHRs. Learn the best Clinical Research Course. Improvement in AI and automation Artificial intelligence (AI) has great potential to identify eligible patients for clinical trials. However, the reality is quite different from expectations. The major problem has been the development of sophisticated algorithms. Other barriers include the unstructured format of data and how to integrate that data into the clinical workflow of stakeholders. Clinical trial stakeholders can indefinitely benefit from a data exchange network, particularly one established between clinical trial sites and sponsors. The network would collect and analyze data before sharing it with relevant stakeholders, improving overall quality. Sponsors shall be able to share important information with sites, including draft budgets and protocol documents. At the same time, sites shall be able to update sponsors in real-time on impending matters, such as patient registrations. This would ensure an unhindered flow of information through integrated systems. However, sites should remember that not all information can flow freely and should be careful while sharing protocol-specified data with sponsors. EHRs have protected health information (PHI) and non-protocol-specific data, which would put patients’ confidential data at risk if shared.
WHO’s International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP)
People from more than one country and one medical or research institution can participate in a clinical trial. Different countries have different clinical research requirements, so one clinical trial may be enlisted on more than one registry. That clinical trial shall appear on the database of more than one registry. However, data on various clinical trial registries varies. . Take Clinical Research Course from the Best. The International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP) is a global initiative by WHO, responsible for linking clinical trial registers worldwide for ensuring a single point of access and the apparent identification of clinical trials. This was done with the view that participants, patients, families, and patient groups have easy access to information. The ICTRP was established with the aim to make information about all clinical trials that involve humans publicly available. It also aims to achieve the following: ● Improving the comprehensiveness, completeness, and accuracy of registered clinical trials data; ● Communicating and raising awareness of the need for registering clinical trials; ● Ensuring the accessibility of registered data; ● Building capacity for clinical trial registration; ● Encouraging the utilization of registered data; and ● Ensuring the sustainability of the ICTRP. . Take the Best Training in Clinical Research. The Secretariat of the ICTRP is housed by the World Health Organization in its headquarters in Geneva and is responsible for the following: ● Publishes the ICTRP search portal: A database and website that makes it possible for every person in the world to search for free data provided by clinical trial registries around the world. The data is updated weekly and meets WHO’s criteria for content and quality. ● Supports the WHO registry network: A forum created to establish and work together for the purpose of clinical trial registries. It aims to establish best practices for clinical trial registration and the collection of high-quality, accurate data. ● Supports different countries and regions: It aims to establish clinical trial registries or policies on trial registration.
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