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Hello fellow Vinglers :) I am excited to say that I was appointed as the Interest Editor for Dogs Q2 2014! For the duration of my time as interest editor, I will strive to help curate new content and build a larger and stronger community for our Dog interest. Feel free to send me a message anytime with suggestions, comments and concerns! **A note to publishers and new publishers : Please help me grow this community within Vingle and find new users to join our community!
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Welcome welcome~
4 years ago·Reply
this is so cute :) :) welcome!!
4 years ago·Reply
Yay, Dogs!! Congrats and thank you in advance! :)
4 years ago·Reply
Wow a dog editor?! That is so awesome! @imliz you are going to be a very popular Vingler XD!!
4 years ago·Reply
congrats @sjeanyoon !! the dog is sooo cute hheehe
4 years ago·Reply