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Videojet Inkjet printer - Redefines the Future of Inkjet

Chicago, Illinois - May 18, 2017 - 1860 leverages industry-leading predictive features, including an industry-first ink-accumulation sensor. The new Videojet Inkjet printer features up to 8 hours of notice of the most probable failure conditions affecting line uptime.

For over 40 years, Videojet has been a global leader in inkjet printing, enabling manufacturers to realize greater productivity goals. Videojet is thrilled to introduce the Videojet 1860, which is designed to improve your productivity today and evolve as your production needs change in the future.

With 1860, Videojet redesigned inkjet technology. The Videojet 1860 combines pioneering internal intelligence and communication features with revolutionary technological elements to help meet the ever-evolving and growing demands of manufacturers.

1860 offers unmatched operating performance that increases productivity and lowers costs. The uptime feature provides performance without any surprises. The industry-leading set of predictive features enables the most common and leading events to be corrected in advance, Videojet Inkjet printer.

It provides expert diagnostics, analysis, and guidance with 50 real-time sensors that continuously monitor more than 150 key indicators of 1860 printer performance.

The revolutionary nozzle system features a predictive gutter build-up sensor and provides advance notice for the most common possible error conditions.

Alert notifications are displayed on the printer and can be sent to a smart device, enabling preventive corrective action to be taken during line changeovers or other planned production outages.

In addition, the 1860's fluid system has a reserve tank so the printer can complete a shift even if refill alerts are not noticed.

Thanks to its 45-degree inclined printhead design, it can be installed closer to the product on the line, Videojet Inkjet printer, thus providing better line integration.

The top of the printhead is triangular or can be as close as 5mm to the product, including other angled packaging applications, resulting in sharper, higher quality codes.

Besides, in 1860 EtherNet / IP TM, and high Profinet® through easy integration with existing factory systems using industry-standard protocols such as fast network connection adapts to the manufacturer's connectivity needs.

With its robustness, versatility, and adaptability, 1860 is designed to be installed on almost any production line. The 1860's intelligent airflow system provides clean, cool air to critical components inside the printer, keeping consistent operating temperatures between 0-50 ° C, even in the harshest environments.

In addition, it is offered with an IP66 rating of 1860, so the printer does not need to be removed from the line during washing.

Building on the two-year experience with providing remote service that Videojet, videojetconnect TM is excited to launch the Remote Service; This service allows operators to access the world's largest technical expert network at the click of a button.

Connects the technician directly to the line to receive immediate recommendations from the Videojet technician and perform remote troubleshooting, Videojet Inkjet printer, enabling real-time corrections and minimizing the need for on-site maintenance teams to provide increased uptime

“The 1860's predictive features and unique nozzle system redefine uptime with the enhanced print quality and line speed features to CIJ,” said Anthony Blencowe, Director of the Videojet Global Business Unit. Videojetconnect TM reduction in downtime Remote Service and its ability to provide manufacturers to focus on core production activities will provide tremendous productivity gains.

The building materials industry is a leading manufacturer of videojetconnect TM starting to benefit from remote maintenance and cleaning process and improve their service was witnessed typically up to 80% reduction in unplanned downtime; Videojet is a major beer producer LifeCycle Advantage TMThanks to his proposals, he was able to focus on brewing instead of maintaining his printers. ”

1860 is designed with a minimal intervention philosophy that helps operators focus on production, thereby minimizing operator interactions and helping eliminate potential user errors with enhanced Code Assurance built into the new Videojet SIMPLICITYTM interface.

Blencowe said, “With its customizable tablet-like interface, a simple menu structure, a clear, easy-to-understand screen allows users of different abilities to easily find what they are looking for.

However, Videojet Inkjet printer, rule-based intelligent message generation reduces the likelihood of errors that will affect the production line. 1860 also has built-in menus and video instructions designed to help minimize operator errors. ” said.

Videojet also applies a minimum intervention philosophy to routine maintenance tasks, ensuring that these are carried out in accordance with production plans. New smart cell TM service module three color-coded, easy routine maintenance of the components can be replaced in minutes, simplifying the operator to focus on production rather than provide care.

1860 was designed as an extensible platform to assist both current and future printing needs and production processes as production and coding needs evolve. Unique software development and videojetconnect TM Remote Service Workflow Modules can be added after purchase, so that it adapts to your printer evolving production needs.

About Videojet Technologies:

Videojet Technologies is a world leader in the product identification market. It offers in-line printing, coding and marking products, application-specific fluids, and product lifecycle services. Our goal is to collaborate with our customers in the consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical and industrial products industries to increase their productivity, protect and develop their brands, and keep them one step ahead of industry trends and legislation. Thanks to its customer application experts and its leading position in Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ), Thermal Ink Jet (TIJ), Laser Marking, Thermal Transfer Printing (TTO), case coding and labeling and a wide range of printing technologies, Videojet offers more than 345,000 printers worldwide. installed it. Our customers relies on Videojet products to code over ten billion products a day. Customer sales, application, service and training support is provided directly with more than 4000 team members in 26 countries around the world. In addition, Videojet's distribution network serves more than 400 distributors and OEMs in 135 countries.
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