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Top 3 writing tips that reanimate your Instagram account ["media_box_1601450293059_0"]

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms nowadays. Wanting to reanimate your page is smart, especially if you’ve found a way to attract an audience to follow your Instagram posts.
If your goal is to move people to action through an Instagram post, you need to learn how to create appealing content that communicates your marketing ideas clearly. That being said, here are the best ways to use Instagram described through the top Instagram tips.

Dicide on your stradegy

An Instagram caption serves to share the message as presented in a video or a photo, but in a short and concise manner that complements the focus of this platform – multimedia. This is why your first step should always be determining what you want to convey with your content.

For example, if your post is about a sale or a contest, your caption should fill in the details. If this is not told in the photo itself, the content should tell people what the post is about, how they can participate, and what’s the date and time of the event.
If your post serves to promote your business’ activities or a new product, you need an entirely different approach. Your goal, in this case, is to tell people what you’re presenting them with, how it can impact them, and how they can benefit from what you’re offering.

Seeing how this is more of a visual platform, adding a lot of text to your actual photo will annoy the audience instead of capturing their attention. That’s why there are many ways to add text to a post without filling your actual image with details. The image or video serves to capture the audience’s attention, while the caption is where they go to get more details about it once they’re interested.

Learn What Kind of Content Instagrammers Expect of You

Many people think that, in order to create good content for social media, you need to learn how to write better. Writing skills can help, but writing for the Instagram platform requires a very different approach from, say, writing a research paper. For example, if you check this teenage pregnancy essay, you’ll find that it’s created by a highly eloquent writer. But, this type of content isn’t usually used on Instagram. It simply doesn’t share the message in a way that’s expected on behalf of Instagram users.

Every good writer and marketer will tell you this – your content writing must be tweaked to fit the platform you’re posting it on. In terms of Instagram, you can’t go overboard and publish a blog post instead of a caption. For this platform, the best writing tips I can give you is to aim to entice the readers by writing as little as possible.
To make the content more fitting for the Instagram platform and basically, easier to read, divide it into paragraphs. Writing a quality caption is very important, but if the content is too long, your audience will simply skip it and scroll to see other posts from other Instagrammers.

The nature of Instagram is fast. That’s why stories show for a given amount of time and you’re given the option to keep scrolling to see everything even when you’re in a hurry. That’s why you need to create content that’s easy to read, concise, and doesn’t take too much time.

Include a CTA

The fact that you can’t write everything you want in a single Instagram post doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t share your full message with your audience. If you’ve gotten their attention with the post and the caption, you can always give them a chance to read more by giving them a CTA.

A CTA is a very effective way to make people take action after seeing your posts. After you’ve done a great job with getting their attention and informing them through your content, it’s time to add a good CTA to prompt them to take some action.

Ideally, your CTA should tell the audience how to navigate through your Instagram profile, get to your website, or access the product or service you are marketing. It can lead them to a blog post, a freebie, a video, a purchase, or even a download. If this doesn’t work, you can always buy Instagram views.
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[Cerpen] Malam Itu - Pena Malam
Teet..Teet..Teet!    Suara alarm yang berasal dari ponsel pintarku membangunkanku dari nyenyaknya tidur malam itu. Aku meraba kesamping untuk meraih ponsel itu dan mematikan alarm, jam menunjukan pukul 3 dini hari. Mataku mengerjap beberapa saat sebelum benar-benar terbuka, kuturunkan kakiku dari ranjang dan ku tekan saklar yang membuat lampu kamarku yang semula mati menyala kembali.    Dengan kesadaran yang belum sepenuhnya terkumpul, aku melangkahkan kakiku menuju kamar mandi. Kubasuh wajahku untuk menghilangkan kantuk yang sulit hilang, ku lap wajahku dengan handuk sebelum berjalan mengambil segelas air putih untuk kuteguk. Kulihat ayah, ibu dan adikku yang masih bergelut dengan mimpi mereka, tak kuhiraukan,aku kembali melanjutkan kegiatanku. Ceklek..    Aku menyalakan kompor dan segera meletakan panci kecil diatasnya, ku isi air dan kumasukan mie kedalamnya. Kutunggu hingga mie dan nasi yang baru saja ku tanak masak. Malam itu aku berniat untuk sahur dan berpuasa esok harinya, karena sebagai perempuan pada Bulan Ramadhan kemarin aku tidaklah penuh berpuasa hingga harus diganti.    Aku segera mencampur bumbu beserta mie yang telah masak dan memasukan nasi kedalamnya,ku aduh hingga rata dan kumakan hingga perutku cukup kenyang untuk esok. Setelah berniat berpuasa aku kembali kekamarku,ku buka buku tebal bertuliskan SIAGA UN dan mulai kubaca. Entah kenapa setelah lama membaca mataku mulai mengantuk,tapi tak kuhiraukan ,aku masih terus membaca untuk persiapan Try Out esok hari.    Jam tak berhenti berdenting,tak terrasa waktu telah menunjukan pukul 04.50 am. Aku masih setia dengan buku dan pensilku,adzan subuh berkumandang,aku masih berkutik dengan bukuku,hingga aku tak menyadari jika aku sudah terlelap diatas buku itu. Selengkapnya : Cerpen Malam Itu
Memories play a pivotal role in our lives..they make us reminisce the past and relive the magical, wonderful moments we have fact, certain memories also make us work on our mistakes and improve on them in the, I grabbed certain people and asked them to choose one fond memory they have of themselves with their loved ones that they would surely love to recreate in the future. 1) Kunal-Kunal gave a large grin and dived into his pool of memories..he recalled that he was a rather naughty to calm him down, his father used to give him fritters as it was his favorite snack..he remembers that those fritters were really lip-smacking and they used to make him sit quietly and eat..he then said that the man who used to make those fritters eventually moved away from the city as he could not afford the expensive city. Kunal wanted to eat those fritters again and he wanted to hold his father's hands to go buy them once more..which was not possible because his father was too old and frail. So, he decided to start making fritters himself to feed his family with all the love. 2) Surbhi- Surbhi got a little tear in her eye when she flashbacked into her memories...Surbhi remembers her grandmother to be a very well-educated woman...Surbhi and her grandmother used to sit for hours in the end and would listen to the tales of Ramayana, Mahabharata, and many more religious stories..which she loved. Surbhi lost her grandma to cancer when she was fifteen years old..she regrets that she could not meet her grandma for the last time as she was busy in her studies as well as her friends. She says that she would definitely pass the legacy of following and understanding religious scriptures to her future children. 3) Shivani- Shivani started giggling when she recollected the memory of her eating chocolates when she was small. She remembers that she was fond of chocolates and she was a messy her mother used to make her wear dirty clothes and would give her favorite chocolate to a while the chocolate used to be absolutely smeared on her face..she even had pictures as proof of the same. Shivani says that she missed eating chocolates as she has been on an all-carb diet for a very long much so that she doesn't even remember when she had her last chocolate. Shivani says that she will eat chocolates again without giving a damn about calories..she wants all the chocolate to be smeared over her face..all over again. 4) Hardik- Hardik remembers the time when he used to have a wonderful teacher who used to narrate a moral story every week..he remembers that those morals left a deep impact on his mind and thus, it made him a gentler, humbler human being. He just misses those types of teachers and their lessons whenever he finds himself in turmoil. He says that he now logs into the internet to read short stories with life lessons..also, he reads them to his own children as well. 5) Daman- Daman just couldn't contain his excitement when I interviewed him about his fondest memories..he told me about his maternal grandmother's was in the hills..he loved visiting his grandma's as he was pampered, stuffed with food and he was not stopped by fact, he remembers that his mum was scolded if his mum tried to stop him in indulging in any mischief. He loved to visit his grandma's house..away from the hustle-bustle of the city..away from the worry of studying..he wanted the carefree, relaxed days back. He wished to carry the legacy of a relaxed weekend after every two months in the hills..he decided to take a week off to do absolutely he had not taken a single day off for the last two years. Memories are just like a packet of chips..once you open it, you would always eat a handful and that too with all the happiness and taste
Connect with the most trusted facebook ads agency India
Facebook marketing company is nothing but a good way to expand your business with a targeted audience. based on their location, interests, gender, and age. You can also create a custom audience by feeding the accumulated data of your customers. Facebook Adwords is the tool to promote your business on Facebook through facebook marketing company. The ads are reflected on the News Feed page of mobile and desktop as well. It allows you to target specific audiences. With brand awareness campaigns on Facebook, you can attract more sales for your new/existing product or services in the long run. This campaign is generally undertaken by start-ups and existing businesses. It multiplies the loyal customers and prevents your competitor from getting additional market share which leads to higher sales of your products/services. Your brand can get an expanded audience by facebook marketing company Everyone alike is aware of the potential that this social media giant has to offer. With billions of people to connect with, all in one place, Facebook can easily introduce your business to your targeted audience who’ll love your business. The best part about the Facebook platform is that you can reach the audience where they are engaged. The fact that Facebook is on 3 out of every 4 smartphones and more than half of Facebook users visit it every day, makes it a ‘MUST’ for your online marketing strategies. Whether it’s connecting your business with people and other businesses or advertising your products and services to customers, there is a vast range of Facebook ads agency India that can help you achieve your targets and goals. Our Facebook marketing experts help you connect and engage with the audience based on your requirements. We use the best and the latest technology available in establishing and optimizing your business’ positioning and engagement on the social platform according to your requirements. Based on your business and goals, our experts suggest you the best Facebook campaign strategy keeping in mind a fusion of a variety of tactics. Our Facebook marketing Company will likely guarantee that your business gets a similarly productive presence from its social arm.
How can I get my Facebook Account Back ?
You can recover your old Facebook account if you have access to the registered email id or password. If you have access to the registered mail id or phone number, you can go through the verification process. By creating a new password, you can access your count anytime. Follow the steps below to recover old Facebook account · Go to the Facebook recovery page · Enter the registered email id and or phone number, click on the search · Select one of the password reset methods · If you have one or more email account linked, then you will get the password recovery code via email. · If you have the phone number linked with your account, you will get an option to receive the verification code via SMS. Choose this option if you can access the phone number · You may also get an option to sign in by using the Google account · In case you have no access to any of the available option you can go ahead with the link that is No longer have access to these · Now you may be asked to try sign in again. If you have no access to the email address given, you can go for the option I cannot access my email. If you can access the email or phone number linked, you will get the verification code on your registered mail id or phone number. · Enter the recovery code on the new webpage and click continue Now, you can reset the password and log in again using the new password. For any assistant, you can also connect with Facebook customer service. So hope your query of How to Recover your Facebook Account is now solved.
How Do I Search Deleted Tweets Easily?
Twitter is all about tweets. It is social media that share information through tweets. It is one of the most popular social media used by people all over the world. Most of the users want to know how they can view deleted tweets on Twitter. They can check this link to know about it. How To Find Deleted Tweets? Now, one way to see and find the deleted tweets is to look for them on the website that is already crowded and have archived millions of tweets like, Using this method you will know how to find someone's deleted tweets. And, you can go to this kind of site and type in the deleted tweets text in their search bar. And you can also find all the archived texts from the specific account by putting the username just after the website name with a slash, for example, So, in this way, you can see the person's tweets only, and it will help you narrow down the search. And unbeknownst to most Twitter users except for the real, hardcore, coding types out there, there are a couple of ways to retrieve deleted tweets from your account. In this way, you can find deleted tweets on Twitter. And this can be done either through the native Twitter app or through a third-party app. But, of course, relying on third-party apps can be risky –what with the amount of sensitive information you’ll be giving them access to –but with a trusted app by your side, you won’t have to worry about some weird Troll farm in some backwater country stealing your login info. But here I would mention some of the ways that you can look for some data on Twitter, which is the better and fastest way to find similar tweets. And, it means you should look for other tweets with the same topic. So, search on the Twitter website. And, as I have mentioned before, it is unlikely that you can find the deleted tweets anywhere, but you can search on Google to find the similar or exact text by putting the text in “….”. But, if you want Google to find that text on the Twitter website adds the website address before the text, for example, site: I lost my tweets. With the help of third-party tools, you can see deleted tweets. Then, this would help you to narrow down your search. There are many ways to find deleted tweets like you can download a deleted tweet database, or see the twitter archive through WayBack machine, or even use some deleted tweets website from the net. And although, finding deleted tweets is not difficult but twitter won’t make it easy for us either. So, let’s have a look at some of the ways to see or recover the deleted tweets. First viewing deleted tweets can be done via two ways either by native ways or by third-party apps. So, the following are the ways to retrieve or see the deleted tweets: Well, this might be shocking for many of us but twitter saves the archive of all the tweets on its database. And these are the steps to view the archived tweets: First, go to Then Log-in with your log-in credentials. After that click on your profile icon which you can find on the top right corner to the tweet button. Then from the drop-down option, you have to select “Settings and Privacy”. And, there is the account setting keep scrolling down and you will see an option called “Content”. After that at the bottom of the page, you will find “Request your archive”. Simply click on this button. Then Twitter will now proceed for creating your tweet archives. Also, a popup window will open on your screen, just close it. Now you have to wait until you get an email on your same mail ID that you have used on Twitter. Then open the mail. Your email will consist of a message that will notify you that your twitter archive is ready. Simply click on the “Download Now” Option. And you will be redirected to your default web browser where you will be prompted to download “zipped folder tweets”. Just go to the folder where you downloaded the zip file. Then extract this zip file with your third-party zip file extractor by right-clicking and then selecting the “Extract here” option. Then when you extract it, it will prompt a dialogue that where you want to keep this folder and open this, change destination by Browse Button. Then in the tweets folder, open “index.html” file that’s inside and it will show you all the tweets that you might have deleted knowingly or unknowingly. This tells you how to view deleted tweets. Now you can browse all of your Tweets and Retweets by your offline file. But be sure not to share it, as it contains personal information about your Twitter account. You can now browse by year, and by month. And you can also interact with your Tweets as you normally could from Also, you can see which months that you tweeted the most and you are done. But if you deleted a lot of Tweets in a row or ran a mass-deletion program, the Tweet count displayed on your profile may not match the true number of Tweets there are. And the accounts deleting many Tweets in a row from their profile. This way you can search deleted tweets. About The Twitter subscribers don't join the global microblogging service to post private messages. And they typically post their thoughts and observations to gain the widest possible visibility and exposure with two exceptions. People delete their tweets but for most users they were important or many users just want to see those deleted tweets. So, they seek to learn methods to find deleted tweets and read them. Conclusion So, in this way, you can see deleted tweets on Twitter easily and comfortably without having to break any laws. By following the steps which are explained here about the methods to view deleted tweets of people on Twitter, you can use it as you like. You need to install third-party tools or applications if you like because they are designed to make your work easier, you don’t have to anything if you have one.
Monitor Your Loved Ones Using Facebook Messenger Spy App
Why would you ever require to keep track on your loved ones using a Facebook Messenger Spy App? Although there are thousands of possible factors for observing a loved one's computing activities, the four most common include: 1. Secure Children Against Online Threats: From online bullying to sexual killers, children face many dangers every time they use the Internet. One of the most usual ways for people to threaten your child is with the use of IM's, or Instant Messages via services like Facebook. However, children often remove their IM's to hide their chats from parent view. To help parents determine possible threats, Facebook Messenger Spy App confidentially tape all incoming and outgoing IM's before children can erase them. 2. Discover Child's "Real" Social Network: Perhaps even more than adults, children are profoundly affected by their "friends." If a child commences socializing with the wrong people, their lifestyles can quickly spin out of control. But just as kids may erase their IM's, they will also "hide" people in their social networks, so parents are not able to see all of them which is why Facebook Messenger Spy App are so required. Facebook Messenger Spy App software enables parents to secretly view ALL of the friends in their children's online social network. 3. See What Loved One is Actually Doing on Facebook or MSN Messenger: If your loved one looks to spending way too much time online updating their social network, then it's time for Facebook Messenger Spy App software that can go through the cloak of privacy once and for all. Facebook spy apps will create a secret recording of all incoming and outgoing IM's before anyone can erase them. You can also see your loved one's entire Friends list using a Facebook Messenger Spy App software-- even the ones they try to cover! 4. Get Full Picture Using Computer Tracking Software: A Facebook Messenger Spy App is an excellent tool for controlling a child's or spouse's online activity but what occurs if they make a VOIP (phone call over the Internet)? What if they don't happen to use Facebook to send and receive instant messages? And how do you know which sites they are going to each day? The truth is, Other Spy App have their restrictions. So for a full and complete picture of someone's computing activities, you need sophisticated desktop monitoring software that consists of these advanced surveillance functions which Facebook Messenger spy app has: MSN, Yahoo, and Skype Voice Call Recording. Keystroke Log. Automated Screen Shots Whenever New Application Used. MSN Messenger Spy. Remotely Turn on Microphone to Record Computer Surroundings. It's a great application you must download this application from our official website so many interaction choices and available platforms (like Facebook, Skype, MSN Messenger, etc.). There are so Meany other features are available in Addspy Application.
एक दिन वो मुझे जरूर मिलेगी | School Love Story in Hindi
हेलो दोस्तो में हुँ विकास और आज में आपको अपनी जिंदगी के बारे मे बताउंगा। फ्रेंड्स स्कूल का समय हमारे लिए सबसे सुनहरे दिन होते हैं। जिसे हम पूरी जिंदगी नहीं भूल सकते हैं। और हमारा पहला प्यार भी वही होता हैं पर हम उसे बोल नहीं पते हैं। की हम आपसे प्यार करते है। मेरी भी स्टोरी कुछ ऐसी ही हैं क्या पता मेरी ये स्टोरी आपकी स्टोरी भी हो सकती हैं। चलिए बताते हैं हम आपको। बात उस वक्त की है जब मैं 10th क्लास में था। मेरी क्लास में कई सारे न्यू बच्चे एडमिस्शन ले रहे रहे थे। मैं अपनी क्लास का टोप्पर था। हर टेस्ट में क्लास में टॉप करता था तभी मेरे क्लास में एक और न्यू एडमिस्शन होता हैं ओर वो एक लड़की होती हैं जिसका नाम प्रिती शर्मा था पर वो लड़की बहुत खूबसूरत थी। जितनी सुंदर थी उतनी ही इंटेलिजेंट भी थी। स्पोर्ट में भी बहुत अच्छी थी। क्लास के हर लड़के उससे दोस्ती करना चाहते थे। कुछ दिनों बाद हमारी क्लास में टेस्ट था इसलिए मैं अपनी पढाई पर ज्यादा फोकस कर रहा था। और मुझे पता था की प्रिती अपनी क्लास की टोप्पर थी। हर टीचर उसकी तारीफ कर रहे थे ये देख कर मुझे कुछ अच्छा नहीं लग रहा था। इसलिए मैं अपनी पढाई पर ज्यादा ध्यान देने लगा। School life love story in hindi जब हमारा गणित का टेस्ट था सब क्लास में बैठे थे मैडम का इंतजार कर रहे थे। मैंने देखा वह लड़की प्रिती मेरे तरफ ही आ रही थी वो लड़की अचानक मेरे पास आकर बैठ गई। प्रिती ने मुझे बोला टेस्ट की तयारी हैं.. मैंने कहा हां तैयारी हैं। प्रिती मुझे कहने लगी तुम बहुत इंटेलिजेंट हो मुझे पता हैं। इतना बोल कर वह लड़की चली गई। मैं उस टाइम उसे ज्यादा बात नहीं कर पाया। मैडम क्लास रूम में आ गई थी। सब बच्चे टेस्ट के लिए तैयार हो गए थे। कुछ देर बाद हमारा टेस्ट स्टार्ट हो गया था। टेस्ट का टाइम ख़तम होने वाला था लगभग मेरा सारा पेपर पूरा हो चूका था। कुछ देर बाद क्लास की घंटी बजी सब ने अपना पेपर दे दिया। और मैंने भी अपना पेपर दे दिया अगले दिन मैडम टेस्ट का रिजल्ट बताने वाली थी। जब मैडम ने सब का रिजल्ट बता दिया। फिर मैडम ने मुझे और प्रिती को बुलाया मैडम ने कहा तुम दोनों में से कोई एक का सबसे ज्यादा नंबर आए हैं। जब मैडम ने बताया सबसे ज्यादा नंबर उसी लड़की के हैं तो मुझे थोड़ा बुरा लगा। पहली बार मैं क्लास में सेकेंड आया था। जब घंटी बजी सब लंच करने चले गए मैं भी अपने दोस्त के साथ बहार चला गया। जब मैं क्लास रूम में गया तो प्रिती उदास होकर बैठी हुई थी। में उसके पास गया ओर पूछा क्या हुआ प्रति उसने बतया एक लड़का मुझे परेशान करता हैं। फिर मैंने उसे बोला तुम मुझसे दोस्ती कर लो कोई तुम्हे परेशान नहीं करेगा यह सुनकर प्रति स्माइल करने लगी। Click here...
How To Find Deleted Tweets 2020?
Twitter is all about tweets. It is social media that share information through tweets. It is one of the most popular social media used by people all over the world. Most of the users want to know how they can find deleted tweets on Twitter. They can check this link to know about it. How to Find Deleted Tweets? Now, let me tell you, if you twitter regularly, follow celebrities, or yourself a star, you may have understood the sensitivity of tweets. And, if you have removed any tweet unintentionally or had to delete it for any purpose, well, but you can't get it again to your profile. However, it is not precisely challenging not to notice it again by other means that is. So, in this blog, we will reveal some ways for you to see removed tweets once again. And the primary thing we want you to be sure about is that unfortunately, you can't retrieve the deleted tweets, but you can see related tweets that others have published. And that if you want to search for someone’s removed tweets or deleted tweets, it becomes challenging for you to find them until you find related posts about it. So the first method is to search on Twitter Website. So, we have stated to you earlier that, it is doubtful that you can get the deleted tweets, but you can search on Google to get a similar or specific text by putting the text in the blank space present there. And if you need Google to discover that text on the Twitter website, just add the website address before the text, for instance, site: " I lost my tweets". Using this method you will know how to find someone's deleted tweets. The next method is to find it on the Deleted Tweets Website. Here, the first approach is to view and recover the deleted tweets is to search for them on the website that then packed and archived millions of tweets like Or you can go to other kinds of sites and type in the deleted tweets text in their search bar. And you can also find particular account archives by putting the username after the website name with a slash, such as Now for the next method, you can find it on Twitter Archive Data. But, you may not always be aware that Twitter continuously archives its users’ tweets, and you can quickly locate them with some simple steps. The first step is obviously to Sign in your Twitter account. After you sign in tap on your profile icon and select Settings and privacy from here. There in the Account division, open Twitter data. After that insert your password to verify once again. Then try to find the ‘Request archive’ option and tap on it. After that Twitter will itself provide an archive, and an email notification will get delivered to you. And it will release on the same email ID with which your account has made. After that you need to open the mail you have got and tap on the ‘Download Now’ option where a zipped folder will get downloaded. Simply select the folder. Next, you need to find the ‘index.html’ here, and you can discover all your tweets along with deleted tweets. In this way, you can find deleted tweets on Twitter. So, this is one of the ways you can view deleted tweets once again. Now the next way to view deleted tweets is you can go to the Wayback Machine. The Wayback Machine provides an online service that saves all the data even from the time the website had formed to it. You just need to add the address of the site and go to the section where deleted tweets are. First copy or add the address of Twitter in the search tab on the home page of your browser. Then search outcomes will show in the calendar form. You just need to tap on the date, and you will be taken to Twitter. Also, make sure you have logged in to get the removed tweets. But, if you cannot work well with Wayback machine, try Wayback Machine alternatives like other third-party tools and websites and then quickly see the deleted tweets. With the help of third-party tools you can see deleted tweets. Like one of the tools is the Snapbird. And it can be considered as an alternative approach to see deleted tweets on Twitter. Also, this website is very cool as its homepage allows you to view your timeline, likes, tweets that mention you, direct messages, and your buddies’ tweets. This tells you how to view deleted tweets. And this tool provides you tremendous scope to view removed tweets by just putting the username in the account. And know that it is a very unique and convenient approach to see deleted messages. But, tweets mentioning you and direct messages sent to you could only have seen if the premium feature is applicable. Hence, you can update your account for similar purposes. The next one is the Google Cache which is another quick and straightforward way to see deleted tweets is to find what has stored in your Google cache. And for that, you need to open then enter your username + twitter after that tap on the black inverted sign by the name and click Cached. This way you can search deleted tweets. This will provide you the results of removed tweets, and you can view all these deleted tweets quickly. Also, you have to make sure you have not cleared your cache; it might be challenging to find the deleted tweets. About The Twitter subscribers don't join the global microblogging service to post private messages. And they typically post their thoughts and observations to gain the widest possible visibility and exposure with two exceptions. People delete their tweets but for most users they were important or many users just want to see those deleted tweets. So, they seek to learn methods to find deleted tweets and read them. Conclusion In this way, you can find deleted tweets on Twitter. You can use various methods and ways and tricks to find deleted tweets 2020. There are many third-party tools available that will help you solve this problem as this software are designed to hack into accounts or get access to Twitter's database and then find the deleted tweets which they have archived or saved.