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Hello everyone! It is with great pride and joy that I can say I am your new photography editor. I hope that we can learn from each other and share with each other through our adventures here on Vingle! Not only do I want you all to start and share the work of others, but I want you to share your own work as photographers. Furthermore, I believe it is our duty as a community to critique each others work in the hopes that we can be more successful in our shooting! I would like to thank the previous editor, @popcoco98. I hope I can fill your shoes! :) I look forward to sharing in your experience of learning, teaching, and sharing! - dillonk P.S. Bonus points for whoever can name the photographer who took the image above!
Thanks @divalycious! It is my hope for this interest to have a whole range of classic photography landscapes and portraits as well as modern photographers who push our normal vision of a stunning photograph. I hope we can discuss, criticize, praise, and drool over some images together in the photography interest! :D
heya @dillonk ... just saw this ... congrats on being the new photography editor ... looking forward to seeing some stunning images ... xoxo
Thank you @LauraAJ!
I wish you the best :)
@dillonk i must say that I completely agree with @imliz while the piece is quite impressive, your critique of it is just as impressive
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