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Kasper is touring the Hongdae area for you. She got a delicious street food and visit a flea market. She was hungry, so she tasted some of famous street food in Hongdae. Kasper was eating Corn Ice Cream, 호떡 (Ho-Tteok) Whoa! It was so yum. ▶ Invitation Rewards for Wisthrenders Once you become a Wishtrend customer through signing up, you will instantly receive your own unique invitation code, which you can share with your friends and family. To get 5 USD voucher on your Wishtrend account, write this code on your SignUp page!
omgg i love street food!
4 years ago·Reply
the egg bread yummmmmmmm
4 years ago·Reply
@nokcha what does the egg bread taste like?? ive been too scared to try it hahah
4 years ago·Reply
does she know what she has written on her shirt?!
3 years ago·Reply