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Sometimes when we see exciting new movies, we can't help but wonder how they would play out as K-dramas. With the DVD release of Frozen and the various K-pop covers of its main song, "Let It Go," it's only natural to imagine how the story might adapt to a musical drama format. With all of the talented idols-turned-actors out there, there are many choices for young leads who could sing the main songs while still carrying the emotional weight of the story. Here are our dream picks for a K-drama version of Frozen: Elsa = Sooyoung Elsa is a tricky role because not only does she need to be able to sing "Let It Go," but she also needs to have the ability to portray a wide range of emotions, from vulnerable to powerful. Girls' Generation's Sooyoung is a natural on the screen so far, and she's young enough to be convincing in a coming-of-age tale. She could pull from her experience playing a brain tumor patient in The 3rd Hospital for the more emotional moments and incorporate her feisty role from Dating Agency: Cyrano when she needs to be sassy. Anna = Jung Eun Ji Jung Eun Ji is an excellent actress, and she could easily capture Anna's eagerness and tenacity, as she proved in Answer Me 1997. Kristoff = Lee Seung Gi When I imagine a K-drama actor palling around with a reindeer, I immediately imagine Seung Gi. He has a playful side that would help prevent his character from becoming too gruff. Hans = Seo In Guk Be honest: If Seo In Guk sang a duet with you, you would probably believe in love at first sight, too. Besides, we already know that he and Jung Eun Ji have the chemistry to pull of the song "Love Is an Open Door," as evidenced by the video below: Olaf = Yoon Si Yoon In Flower Boy Next Door, Yoon Si Yoon played one of the most upbeat leads in any K-drama, ever. He would play the eager Olaf with absolute glee. "Ajumma!!!!!" Duke Weselton = Jang Won Young Jang Won Young has built an entire career around slightly sneaky side characters, so this is a natural fit. Oaken = Lee Won Jong Vampire Prosecutor's Lee Won Jong can go from lovable to intimidating in a flash, just like the friendly trading post owner. He already owns the sweater anyway!