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Photos of Lee Jong Seok, Kang So Ra, Park Hae Jin, and the rest of the cast and production crew at the first script reading of Doctor Stranger have been unveiled. The new SBS drama that’s set to follow God’s Gift – 14 Days held the table read at the SBS Tanhyeon-dong Production Center on February 11th. As usual, only positive things can be said about such a gathering, which was necessary for the actors to understand the characters fully. The cast has been described as being passionate and bringing a lot of energy into the event. Scenario exercises were conducted for more than four hours, and even though the actors were slightly tired, they completely immersed themselves into their work. Doctor Stranger will premiere its first episode on April 28th.
if lee jong suk and park hae jin are in the same drama???? how do i decide???? hahahaha
@divalycious eh????????? hahahahha please remind me how this logic works?
it's real easy @ameliasantos10 ... just leave 'em both for me ... lol ... xoxo