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I finished this last month and i loved it sooo much, it topped to my #1 KDrama (which was Gu Family Book), Do Min Joon & Song Yi amazed me with their acting. It seemed sooo real, like i felt i was in their situation. This drama truly was amazing and i hope it comes out with another season<3 I did hear they were thinking of making a season 2, but i'm not so sure. I really hope that's true! (x I really loved Youngjae/Song Yis brother soo much, Youngjae & Do Min Joon were my favorite bromance omg OTP4ever<3. I miss Kim Soo Hyuns Alien character so much now, it was so funny seeing his teleporting powers! xD The love story was perfection! I cant wait for Kim Soo Hyuns next project!! <3 (P.S I'm sorry guys for not updating at all :c, i haven't had a computer. I hope i can update more soon!!)
Best Drama..love it!
@KDramaFreak omg i loved GFB too!!! I no longer have a #1 fave - just top 5 bc to choose is just too cruel for my heart - but both of these are on it!!! I just can not imagine a better 2014 drama!!
@nokcha ..you going to love , this drama for me was the best in 2014..
@serbshavemofun Same!^^~ All these kdramas are just so good its hard to pick a fave xD. & yes i agree!^^
@nokcha dont be! i highly recommend it, you will love it!♡ cx
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