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All you need to know about Asphalt

Square yard of Asphalt unit weight  
When you are undertaking any project, you need to calculate the required amount of materials required so that you save on unnecessary costs and save on more transport costs of bringing more additional materials. When you are undertaking an asphalt pavement project, proper calculations will ensure you apply the right square yard of asphalt.
To get the required tons of asphalt needed, you need to take in to account the following calculations.
First, you need to obtain the square measurement using a tape measure.
Second, you determine the dimension of the yard in cubic meters and multiply by the depth.
Third, you get the volume of the yard and multiply by the density and then change the cubic meter to ton asphalt.
Why is Asphalt black?  
SO, why is asphalt black? Asphalt is black because of the ingredients it is made from. It is made of sand, crushed rock, and Bitumen. Bitumen is a dark black material that holds the rock together and is made of petroleum distillation. Blacktop is a type of asphalt but it has a higher mixture of stone than asphalt and it must be heated to higher temperatures of more than 300 degrees and is used in low traffic areas such as playgrounds or parking areas.
Asphalt paving material is made of asphalt cement which is dull in color, sand, and crushed rock. It is a byproduct of petroleum distillation and being subjected to high temperatures it is dumped out steaming on the road and is compacted by a heavy steam roller.
Black asphalt is the heavy residue that sits at the bottom of a natural mineral such as limestone. It is flexible and versatile and can be used to line fishpond, water reservoirs, and other sporting areas such as tennis courts. Some asphalt is brown because of copper and iron deposits which give it brown color but it is not widely used in larger roads because it is not visible.
Can you put asphalt over dirt?
can you put asphalt over dirt? The answer: Yes, you can blacktop over gravel.
If anything, Over 90 percent of the roads in the US are surfaced with blacktop (preferably known as asphalt). This is because not only does it give the road an enticing appearance, but it also entails several other benefits.
What is old asphalt?  

Asphalt is a very important ingredient in the making of roads.  It is widely used in most pavement projects in the United States. It is durable and withstands adverse weather conditions and that is why it is mostly used in most highways and high traffic areas. Asphalt is used daily by high traffic including heavyweight vehicles. So, what happens to old asphalt? After service life, asphalt will start to wear and it begins to break and therefore it has to be removed to avoid damaging vehicles and aircraft.
Removing old asphalt is very important because it will give room for new asphalt to be constructed. You can check with local asphalt companies who are interested in recycling. Roughly 100 million tons of asphalt is reclaimed every year in the US. Therefore, it is profitable to reuse old asphalt.
asphalt vs Blacktop in Composition: Asphalt and Blacktop concrete are both made of bitumen and crushed stone. Asphalt contains little amounts of crushed stone. The mixture is heated at a minimum of about 250 degrees, making it sturdy and durable. It is mainly used in the creation of highways and major roads.
The blacktop mixture contains slightly more crushed stones than the Asphalt concrete. The inclusion of a higher percentage of crushed stone gives the Blacktop a unique sparkle. The mixture is heated at about 300 degrees allowing it to last longer than Asphalt concrete.
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