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hi everyone! I just saw this and thought I'd share it with you - dont forget to follow me if you want to get more drama previews and news! here's my page ( Dr Jin fans, drop by the Time Slip Dr JIn page and check it out! Think there are live recaps and moreeee <3 =================================== Time Slip Dr Jin Episode 11 BTS Video Link: English Written Translation: Flashback to a scene in Dr Jin - The exciting date on the street, which was shot in YongIn. Were KyungTak's actions so bold??? He tried to hold YongRae's hand... but got discovered by YoungHui instead! KyungTak was so embarrassed and mischievous YoungHui... Because of their ad-libs, we could shoot in happy atmosphere :) ===================================== keke kudos to the great Time Slip cast and crew!
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thanks for this LUka!
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