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Hi Everyone! Let me take a moment to introduce myself, ImLIz~ I have the honor of being the Women's Fashion Interest Editor this quarter. I have to be honest I'm a little nervous, but I'm going to do my best. I am really excited to be working with all the publishers here in the Women's Fashion Community. I have had the pleasure of meeting some of you through other communities, and I look forward to getting to know ALL the current publishers, future publishers and Vinglers in this interest. Let's work together to create a tight knit women's fashion community in vingle! @mc1390 @annasmith @divalycious @yinofyang @mariapazzr @carlosdang @alise @LauraAJ @onesmile @donnas @roselee89 @cheerfulcallie @honeybumbleb @torn745 @elleng @annasmith @sabeenm @vanlau @zaneh @jacquelinehippy @soula81 @justmellys @nunicD @shoenami @fancychicka @suzyy0919 @maymay75 @hidalee @blairwitme @hidalee I will need all your help and support!!! Please leave me a lot of comments and suggestions about the content, community or if you just feel like chatting. Best, ImLiz
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@LauraAJ just in case, I sent you a PM a couple of days ago~~ Hope to connect with you soon!
Congrats! have fun :)
@sabeenM Thank you!!