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Hi K-Drama Lovers, I'm @medusa, the new K-Drama interest Editor. I have been a manager of several channels at Viki and have participated in many many subbing projects. This is, however, my first time as a Vingle editor; although I am the second K-dramas Interest editor, LOL. I think it is so cool that we have gathered from across the the world to meet here just because we love K-dramas. I'll do my best to improve our community. Please feel free to contact me if you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve our community such as interesting projects, community activities, and content requests.
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@ruizangelofluv @divalycious @evelynbruno @samrusso716 thank you for your encouragement. Do you guys have any suggestions?
Congratulations!! :D I hope to be seeing you around!! ^^ @medusa
@medusa, welcome, bienvenida
@medusa thanks for the explanation! it helps :) I have a request if thats ok with you HAHA. Im a big fan of a lot of Korean stars and KDramas (as well as Kpop!). Cuz of that I LOVE that Vingle has separate communities for different dramas and different stars! Right now, though, many of the drama communities look like Korean star communities :( Like, if you go to the "Boys over Flowers" drama (btw do you happen to know if there is a second part in the works?? Hear many rumors!) interest, there r many cards that are just about LMH or KHJ, etc but have nothing to do with the drama. I hope that you can try to do something about this :) I love my oppas but I also would love a place to just see more about THE drama
@2Nell Thank you for your opinion. I think it is a great point that we need to think about. I agree with the idea that each drama interest should be dedicated to the specific drama content. Otherwise, they will all become the same. What do you guys think?