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The story starts with Gaksital striking the corrupt chief trying to take the legal deed documents and Gaksital runs and he is confronted by Shunji. they fight... Once again, Gaksital is able to escape. The villagers are mourning because they feel defeated, but Gaksital makes his appearance and once again, the villagers feel their hope rise. He gives back the deeds to the people and leaves. Shunji makes it back to his fathers desk and he informs his dad that the deeds have been taken. Shunji apologizes. Kimura says to get Mokdan, he refuses and gets slapped then his father draws a sword upon his son. And threatens him to learn and change his heart and thinking. He gives the sword to Shunji. Mokdan's father is at the cafe looking for someone that might resemble Gaksital or some notification on the notice board, but nothing.... He calls his daughter and says that Gaksital hasnt shown himself and thinks that maybe because he saw Kangto there, Gaksital isnt showing his face. In that moment, Kangto comes in again... and her father hides his face and notices that Kangto posted something on the board. Back at his hideout, one of the independent members makes the idea that maybe Kangto is Gaksital... The father doesnt think that is possible because he once took a picture with both Gaksital and Kangto in the same picture. They said they will get rid of Kangto, with burning eyes. Kangto stops by the circus and sees mokdan. Mokdan is wondering, if he is in charge of her 24 hours, where he was. He says "Were you curious about me?" and she's busy cleaning up the place. Kangto says, you've never seen me dance right? Wanna go dance at the club together? She says, you said ur tired. Go to sleep. So he decides to take a nap... not really though. He locks her by the wrist and to the chair next to him so he can sleep with her sitting next to him. Mokdan sees her dagger from across the table and reaches for it... She holds it and then Kangto grabs her wrist. He wasnt really asleep! He looks at her with an angry face. Shunji walks in and sees that Kangto is serious to Mokdan, Shunji appproves and walks out. Kangto releases her and Shunji talks to the circus people and Mokdan. He says Gaksital has killed a imperial chief, he says if they tell him who gave intel, they will suffer little or no punishment. Mokdan says she doesnt know, and Shunji draws his sword and cuts off mokdans hair... He orders Kangto bring her along to interrogation. Hongju calls her japanese father and says that Gaksital is still alive. She wants to see Chief Kimura. She slaps him and gives him a mark from her ring. She is angry that Kimura still hasnt dealt with Mokdan and gotten Gaksital. At the prison, Kangto and Mokdan are alone together. Kangto says how Mokdan seems weak, and says for her to be careful with her words. He also says when they torture her to be strong. He says for her to look at him carefully, and says do you not know my eyes? Mokdan still cant see through him. Shunji was talking to his chauffeur and starts to gets suspicious of Kangto's acting and also towards Mokdan. He goes down to the prison but notices Kangto there too. Shunji finds her dagger and says "Gaksital gave this to you isnt it?" She doesnt answer so he slaps her. Shunji orders Kangto to do whatever it takes to tell about Gaksital with a whip. Shunji just stands there waiting. Kangto gets ready to whip her. HE WHIPS HER!! Shunji is shocked he actually did it. Kimura comes down and says stop. and says to take her to a holding cell. In the holding cell is a hurt nun, who is actually Hongju! What is her plan?!!? She tells Mokdan not to worry, it is all in God's hands and he will have his justice. They embrace. Kangto is back at the office, full of regret, and hopes that mokdan is okay. Kangto gives his resignation form to Shunji. He didnt sign up to torture people. Shunji asks for Kangtos help. He cant be a commander by himself. He wishes for help catching Gaksital. Kangto says are you playing with me? and punches Shunji in the face. Kangto visits the jail cell and Hongju hides her face in the corner. Kangto looks sadly upon Mokdan. Hongju sees this and gets suspicious... thinking there might be something to this Mokdan. Kangto goes back into the cafe at night and notices his notice hasnt been taken yet. He spots an independence worker and chases after him. He gets away though. Kimura orders Hongju to be taken out of the prison. Hongju says if she ever needs her, they can meet at the myeong dong cathedral. Shunji walks in takes mokdan out and into a car. Shunji is taking her to the hospital but mokdan hates shunji, she said that even though he was japanese she could have still became her friend. But now they are strangers. She walks out of the car. Hongju finds out that Kangto loves Mokdan. So now, she is furious. Kangto and Shunji drink at the club. Shunji says that he wants to kill Gaskital in front of Mokdan. The waiters are all spies for the independent movement. Kangto and Shunji get into a fight with the waiters and Shunji arrests one. Shunji takes him back to the torture cell and whip him many times. Kangto says he'll take over and says for Shunji to go out. Kangto says he will meet the prisoners boss. The prisoner says no answers and so knocks him out, because he keeps singing the patriotic song that Kangto believes in and is hurt by. Kangto comes back as Gaksital and tries to escape but before doing so Shunji puts him up with a gun. The end of episode 11. Thank you for watching! See you tomorrow for Episode 12!
yehh.. thanks leegloria
Check out http://youtu.be/ymJnffKSvHM For a preview of episode 12!
@koreanprincess: im with you
Seyeon, or Mokdan is so adorable in the film. I do, however, like Han ChaeAh or Hongju's seductive sultriness.
I seriously nothing happens to Mokdan's father. I have this gut feeling something bad is going to happen to him ㅠㅠ
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