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We've all had those moments, in the middle of winter, where we sit back and think: "Man, I'd give anything to go to the beach, and maybe swim with some pigs." Right? What? You haven't?! Okay, neither had I--until I saw this video!! As you have probably figured out, I have some sort of fascination with jumping into the water with various types of creatures, and this experience is no different for me. The island is home to no humans, about 20 pigs, and a few cats and goats. These pigs--a relative of the pigs you might find on a farm in America--didn't always swim, but have adapted to do so. Why you ask? Well, for food. Just how the pigs got to island is up for debate, but the pigs have learned that when a local boat approaches, they're liking carrying people, who are likely carrying food! So, the pigs get up off the sand, and swim out to give the boats a friendly hello, excited for their coming snack. If you want to see this pigs, you'll have to stay on a nearby island such as Fowl Cay, or at Exuma. From here, you can sign up for a boat excursion that will explore the Nassau area and make a stop at Pig Island to see the swimming snorters.
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@YulikGuler ahh, I see! Totally different kind of pig haha :) I've never owned a guineu pig!
that was my uncles farm , now i have a pig but it is Guinea pig :D
@YulikGuler I think swimming with them would be so fun ^.^ why did you visit a farm?
@onesmile i saw pigs on farm but never at water :D and never toucch them ! Want to go there , awesome !
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