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1. lips brush by shu-uemura 2. One-step Dual Conceler by Ten seconds 3. White Solution Vitamin C Collagen Powder Essense by Lavida 4. Moisture Solution Ampoules by Lavida 5. Rouge Unlimited, PK 355 by shu-uemura 6. Schiap Lips stick by Nars 7. Perfect Cover Solution Foundation by Ten seconds 8. Sun Solution Reports by Lavida 9. Extra Soothing Balm by Bobby brown 10. Lighting Eyes by Lunasol 11. Vital Recovery BB pact by Lavida 12, 13. Extreme Soft Lipsticks by Glam 14. See by Chloe Pouch credit :
love love love :) is this kim ha neul's makeup bag :)
@tylovesyu Yes that's it :)
can i be as pretty as kim ha neul if i use these products...
KHN is one of the most beautiful actress in Korea in this era....heolllll plus cunnnnnnnn:)
Kim Ha Neul takes care of her health the beauty comes from within!She looks beautiful because she is a confident and know what she wants in her life and she is so energetic but in love she is still naive and cautious.