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He will come out as one of the past students of Yi Soo as HIMSELF!!! kekekeke I am excited! He's going to appear as himself apparently - anyone else as excited as I am??? Apparently he will have no relationship with Colin - hmmm... mysterious.... Jung Yong Hwa also said in an interview that he's honoured to cameo on AGD cos he's a big fan of the drama. He's apparently going to be a love rival of Jang Dong Gun oooooh i am rubbing my hands with glee!!! Dont forget to check out the AGD page if u are a fan of the drama! Follow me for updates on ur fav drama guys!
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yay! exciting...
5 years ago·Reply
oh my.. Yi Soo is really popular in her students :D
5 years ago·Reply
Who is that student in fatuated with Yi Soo? He's cute.
5 years ago·Reply
i love jung yonghwa, and i'm excited to see him in AGD...
5 years ago·Reply
Seo Yii Soo really cares about all her students and she is damn very popular among them:)
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