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He will come out as one of the past students of Yi Soo as HIMSELF!!! kekekeke I am excited! He's going to appear as himself apparently - anyone else as excited as I am??? Apparently he will have no relationship with Colin - hmmm... mysterious.... Jung Yong Hwa also said in an interview that he's honoured to cameo on AGD cos he's a big fan of the drama. He's apparently going to be a love rival of Jang Dong Gun oooooh i am rubbing my hands with glee!!! Dont forget to check out the AGD page if u are a fan of the drama! Follow me for updates on ur fav drama guys!
Seo Yii Soo really cares about all her students and she is damn very popular among them:)
i love jung yonghwa, and i'm excited to see him in AGD...
Who is that student in fatuated with Yi Soo? He's cute.
oh my.. Yi Soo is really popular in her students :D
yay! exciting...
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