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Antigua & Barbuda Passport: Investors’ Frequent Questions

Antigua and Barbuda islands are one of the famous tourist destinations in the world. Being situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Eastern Caribbean, this twin-island country is perfectly ideal for tourists who prefer to holiday at the beach. The USP of Antigua and Barbuda islands is its flatland topography, more than 365 beaches of clean waters, and a moderate climate round the year.
Since 1981, this paradise has been accredited as an independent Commonwealth State and not less than 60% of its income comes from tourism and other related sectors. The government of Antigua and Barbuda islands majorly focuses on attracting tourists from countries like the USA, Canada, and Europe and even aims at enhancing the island’s business environment by providing citizenship to potential investors and their family members.
If you too are willing to become a citizen of this fascinating twin-island country, then consider looking at the below-discussed frequently asked questions for making a well-informed decision:

1. General requirements for earning the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship?
Below are the requirements that a potential investor will generally need to fulfill for attaining the Antigua and Barbuda passport:
He/she must be aged 18 years and above
He/she must never have a criminal record in his/her name
He/she must be physically fit and healthy
Having a good character is a must
He/she should qualify in the background verification round
He/she must disclose all his/her sources of funds
The main applicant must spend at least five days on either of the two islands over a span of five years.

2. What is the best way to obtain dual citizenship?
Dual citizenship is also often regarded as alternate citizenship or second citizenship. The best way to obtain dual or alternate citizenship is via an investment programme sponsored by a government.

3. What are the benefits of becoming a lawful citizen of Antigua and Barbuda islands?
An investor after gaining citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda islands can enjoy benefits like full citizenship, allowance of dual citizenship, social as well as political security, bare-minimum processing fees, no requirement for him/her to appear for an interview, being able to converse in English is not mandatory at all, and he/she can even travel to more than 130 nations including the European Union and the United Kingdom and that too visa-free. The best part is that the investor as a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda can easily maintain his/her citizenship status by simply visiting this twin-island country for just five days in every five years. Also, the prevalence of a stable economy in this tropical paradise can extremely benefit him/her in abundance.
4. Is there any scope of the flow of foreign income, inheritance tax, gifts, and capital gains?
5. Can a potential investor apply with his/her spouse, children (less than 18 years of age), and dependent parents?
Yes, a potential investor can easily apply with his/her spouse, children, and dependent parents too. In some cases, he/she can even apply with dependent grandparents as well.
6. Can a potential investor after becoming a lawful citizen of Antigua and Barbuda travel visa-free to other countries? If yes, is there any exception?
Yes, a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda can easily enjoy traveling to more than 130 countries and that too visa-free. No, there are no exceptions at all.
7. What are the investment options for becoming a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda islands?
Potential investors can become a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda in either of the below-mentioned ways:
By making an investment in a pre-sanctioned real estate business
By making a one-time contribution to the NDF (National Development Fund)
By investing in a pre-sanctioned corporate business
By choosing to participate in the UWI Fund (University of the West Indies Fund)
8. Does citizenship provided to an investor remain the same for all Investment Programmes?
Yes, totally. Each and every investment programme has its own pros and cons. Needless to say but the requirements, the total costs involved, and the benefits are not the same for all the Investment Programmes. Therefore, it is suggested for potential investors to thoroughly evaluate each and every investment programme and confirm the one that best suits their budgets and requirements.
Do you still have any questions? If yes, then do write to us and we will be more then happy to answer them.
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خرید تور اروپا با اوج آرام
اکثر افرادی که قصد سفر دارند به دنبال سفر ارزان هستند. این تورها معمولاً در فرانسه و اسپانیا برگزار می شوند و در کمتر از یک هفته تکمیل می شوند. می توانید فصل هایی را انتخاب کنید که تقاضای کمتری برای سفر دارند تا بتوانید از ارزان ترین قیمت ها برای سفرهای اروپایی بهره ببرید. عموماً گردشگران در فصل زمستان علاقه کمتری به بازدید از کشورهای اروپایی دارند. این مشکل به دلیل سردی هوای کشورها در فصل پاییز و زمستان است. شما می توانید از این فرصت برای سفر به کشور مورد نظر خود در این دو فصل استفاده کنید. شما همچنین می توانید یک هتل ارزان را انتخاب کنید. انتخاب یک هتل ارزان می تواند هزینه سفر شما را به میزان قابل توجهی کاهش دهد. علاوه بر این، نوع پرواز شما نیز یکی از عوامل موثر بر قیمت سفر است. اگر نوع پرواز شما کلاس اقتصادی است، می توانید هزینه سفر خود را کاهش دهید. همه اینها را می توانید به شرکت هواپیمایی که قصد خرید سفر خود را با آن دارید بگویید. بنابراین می توانید سفر فراموش نشدنی خود را با قیمت مناسب آغاز کنید. همچنین می توانید سفرهای لحظه آخری را خریداری کنید. با خرید این تورها از این طریق; شما می توانید سفر به اروپا را با قیمتی بسیار ارزان تر از حد معمول خریداری کنید. البته برای خرید تور لحظه آخری ابتدا باید ویزا گرفته باشید. تورهای لحظه آخری به این معنی است که باید برای سفر امروز یا فردا آماده باشید. برای گرفتن ویزا، تعیین وقت سفارت تا یک ماه و دریافت پاسخ ویزا یک ماه طول می کشد. تور ارزان اروپا همانطور که می دانید اگر فردی بخواهد سفر ارزان اروپا را بخرد می تواند از اروپا لحظه آخری استفاده کند. سفر لحظه آخری مزایای زیادی دارد که می توانید از شرکت های معتبر خریداری کنید. یکی از مزایای سفر لحظه آخری اروپا این است که می‌توانید تخفیف‌های عالی را برای رزرو سفرهای اروپا پیدا کنید. مزیت دیگر رزرو هتل های دو تا پنج ستاره در اروپا است و همچنین می توانید از پشتیبانی 24 ساعته شرکت بهره مند شوید. سفر ارزان به اروپا با خرید یک سفر لحظه آخری به اروپا می توانید از تنوع فرهنگی و جاذبه های گردشگری جذاب این کشورها بهره ببرید. مطمئن باشید که هر کدام از این کشورها می توانند همه سلیقه ها را برآورده کنند. به عنوان مثال، می توانید از کشورهایی مانند نروژ، سوئد، اسکاتلند دیدن کنید و از فعالیت های زمستانی آنها همراه با سفر به اروپا در فصل زمستان لذت ببرید. می توانید به انگلستان بروید و در هوای مرطوب و بارانی آن قدم بزنید. فرانسه آب و هوای معتدل و طبیعت بسیار زیبایی دارد. سفر به کشورهایی مانند یونان، آلمان و اتریش می تواند شما را با انواع غذاهای خوشمزه آشنا کند. مطمئن شوید که یکی از خاطره انگیزترین رویدادهای سفرتان پیاده روی در شانزه لیزه و بازدید از باغ گل هلندی است. کاخ الحمرا در اسپانیا را از دست ندهید. پس اگر می خواهید همه این چیزهای خوب را تجربه کنید، بهتر است به یک شرکت هواپیمایی معتبر مراجعه کنید و بهترین مشاوره را دریافت کنید. منبع : اوج آرام
Tour hoàng hôn Lan Hạ – Cát Bà [2023] – 1/2 ngày
Tour hoàng hôn 1/2 ngày trên Vịnh Lan Hạ- Cát Bà sẽ đồng hành cùng du khách ghé thăm những nét văn hóa độc đáo và những khu danh lam thắng cảnh nổi tiếng nhất tại Việt Nam. Quý khách sẽ đến thăm làng chài nổi Cái Bèo, được coi là một trong những ngôi làng chài ven biển cổ nhất Việt Nam hiện nay, khám phá những hoạt động đánh bắt cá của người dân chài lưới nơi đây, và thưởng thức những nét ẩm thực vùng biển tươi mới. Sau đó quý khách sẽ đi thuyền ngắm hoàng hôn trên vùng nước Vịnh Lan Hạ xanh biếc, cùng checkin những khung cảnh đẹp nhất tại nơi đây, hay chỉ đơn giản là hít thở bầu không khí trong lành, tận hưởng những phút giây yên bình, thư giãn và thoải mái trên tàu. Chắc chắn mỗi du khách đến nơi đây đều muốn quay trở lại lần nữa, để ngắm nhìn những khung cảnh tuyệt đẹp tại Lan Hạ- Cát Bà này.  Cùng Onevivu khám phá thêm về tour (1/2 ngày) ngắm hoàng hôn trên Vịnh Lan Hạ- Cát Bà năm 2023 nhé ! Tour hoàng hôn 1/2 ngày Vịnh Lan Hạ- Cát Bà Thăm làng Chài Cái Bèo- làng chài cổ nhất Việt Nam Khám phá làn nước trong vắt Vịnh Lan Hạ Ngắm nhìn chiều hoàng hôn bình yên TOUR TOUR HOÀNG HÔN LAN HẠ - CÁT BÀ [2023] - 1/2 ngày 15h00-15h30: Xe và HDV sẽ đón quý khách tại các khách sạn thuộc khu vực trung tâm thị trấn Cát Bà. Quý khách vui lòng chuẩn bị sẵn sàng trước giờ hẹn. 15h40 – 16h10: Tham quan làng chài nổi Cái Bèo Làng Chài Cái Bèo là 1 trong những điểm du lịch biển nơi đây thu hút du khách nhất. Đến nơi đây, du khách có thể thăm quan nơi cư trú của cư dân, cảnh sinh hoạtcũng như kiếm sống của người dân chài lưới, một trải nghiệm hết sức thú vị. Làng chài nổi Cái Bèo 16h10 – 16h50: Khám phá vịnh Lan Hạ Vịnh Lan Hạ có tới 139 bãi cát vàng nhỏ nhắn, xinh xắn và hoang vắng như những “eo biển xanh” gọi mời du khách khám phá. Nhiều bãi cát trải dài giữa hai núi đá, yên tĩnh không có sóng lớn, thực sự là những bãi tắm lý tưởng. Dưới làn nước trong xanh là những bãi san hô nhiều mầu sắc như bãi Vạn Bội, Vạn Hà…Nhờ vẻ đẹp tự nhiên hoang sơ, yên tĩnh ngày nay Vịnh Lan Hạ đã được đưa vào khai thác như là một tuyến điểm du lịch nghỉ dưỡng hấp dẫn nhất du khách trong và ngoài nước 16h50 – 17h50: Tham quan 01 vòng Vịnh Lan Hạ. Quý khách lên bè ngắm cá, check in. Quý khách có thể tự do vui chơi chèo kayak, chụp ảnh. Sau đó duthuyền sẽ đưa Quý khách đến khu vực trung tâm Vịnh Lan Hạ, nơi có làn nước trong xanh nhất để tắm biển. nguồn:
Experience the Thrill of Wildlife Safaris with Sariska Tour Packages
Sariska National Park is a wildlife refuge in the Aravali range near Jaipur, Rajasthan. In order to experience the thrill of wildlife safaris with the Sariska tour, you have to spend a couple of days here, which is strongly recommended. On this beauteous land of Sariska, animals you are likely to spot on this Sariska Tour Package include Bengal tigers, Indian leopards, wild boars, jackals, and Sambhar deer, and there are also many more varieties of birds. In this blog, I am going to discuss how you can experience the thrill of wildlife safaris with Snaptours Tour and Travel Agency. Places To Explore On Sariska Trip There is no ending to exploring the Sariska Tiger Reserve once you enter this park. There are many things to explore, like safaris, tigers, temples, and many more. • Sariska National Park • Moosi Maharani ki Chhatri • Bhangarh Fort • Pandupol Hanuman ji mandir • Kankwari Fort • Siliserh Lake • Neelkanth Mahadev Mandir • Company Bagh Things To Do At Sariska National Park Once you arrive in Sariska, you will always be satisfied because there are scores of things to do in Sariska, like safari, boating, and so on. • Jeep and Canter Safari • Boating • Birds Watching • Photography • Trekking If you want to fill your bucket with the thrill of wildlife safaris, there are many options in this national park. You need to plan your trip with one of the finest tour and travel agencies whenever you book your tour with a tourism organization. Their years of experience and knowledge about particular activities and places make them memorable and cherishable. Why Choose Snaptour as your tour and travel partner? When we talk about travel companies, there are several organizations, but to make your trip unforgettable, going with a travel agency is the best option for the pre-arranged venues, places to visit, and things to do. It is a hectic task for visitors, who are new to a particular city or place, so book your Sariska tour package with Snaptours. Snaptour is one of the finest wildlife tour operators in India for any trip. They have an experienced team with years of experience. They also arrange luxurious hotels with all the amenities where you can take a nap in the lap of nature. Along with this, you can enjoy the local variety of delicious cuisine.
Time4ev: Your Ticket to Unparalleled Electric Scooters in Jaipur- Choose the Best Dealer, Supplier, and Manufacturers!
Introduction: In a world where sustainability and eco-consciousness are gaining momentum, electric scooters have emerged as a game-changer in urban transportation. Jaipur, known for its vibrant culture and rich heritage, is now embracing the electric scooter revolution. If you're in Jaipur and looking for the best electric scooter dealer supplier and manufacturer, look no further than Time4ev. With its exceptional range of electric scooters, Time4ev is your one-stop destination for unparalleled quality, performance, and style. Quality Electric Scooters: At Time4ev, quality is the top priority. They collaborate with renowned manufacturers who adhere to the highest standards of craftsmanship and engineering excellence. Each electric scooter available at Time4ev undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure reliability and durability. By choosing Time4ev, you can ride with confidence, knowing that you're investing in a top-notch electric scooter. Extensive Range of Models: Time4ev understands that every rider has unique preferences and requirements. That's why they offer an extensive range of electric scooter models to cater to diverse needs. Whether you're a daily commuter seeking a compact and efficient scooter, an adventure enthusiast looking for a powerful and rugged ride, or a fashion-conscious rider who values style, Time4ev has the perfect electric scooter for you. Explore their collection and find the one that matches your personality and lifestyle. Unmatched Performance: When it comes to electric scooters, performance matters. Time4ev partners with manufacturers who prioritize cutting-edge technology and innovation, resulting in electric scooters that offer unmatched performance on the roads of Jaipur. From fast acceleration and impressive speed to long battery life and smooth handling, the electric scooters available at Time4ev will exceed your expectations. Dedicated Customer Support: Time4ev is committed to providing an exceptional customer experience. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff are always ready to assist you throughout your electric scooter journey. Whether you need guidance on choosing the suitable model, assistance with maintenance and repairs, or advice on maximizing battery life, Time4ev's customer support team is there to help you every step. Affordable Pricing: Time4ev believes that sustainable transportation should be accessible to everyone. They offer competitive pricing options without compromising on the quality and features of their electric scooters. Time4ev ensures that investing in an electric scooter is not only beneficial for the environment but also a smart financial decision for the long term. Conclusion: Time4ev has emerged as the go-to destination for electric scooter enthusiasts in Jaipur. With their commitment to quality, extensive range of models, unmatched performance, dedicated customer support, and affordable pricing, Time4ev sets the benchmark for electric scooter dealers, suppliers, and manufacturers in the city. Embrace the electric scooter revolution and choose Time4ev for an unparalleled riding experience. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a first-time electric scooter user, Time4ev will be your trusted partner in exploring the streets of Jaipur with style, convenience, and sustainability. For more visit reference link-
Exquisite Souvenirs & Unique Handicrafts: Jaisalmer Shopping
The captivating "Golden City" of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer, is well-known for its bustling markets in addition to its spectacular forts and sand dunes. The vibrant bazaars of Jaisalmer provide a wide selection of distinctive and traditional goods that make for ideal gifts and keepsakes. Let's examine the things you really must purchase when seeing this fascinating desert city. 1. Handcrafted Textiles & Embroideries ● Jaisalmer is well known for its wonderful handcrafted textiles and embroideries, which showcase the region's rich cultural past. ● The markets are bursting with brilliant bandhani (tie-and-dye) fabrics and elaborately embroidered textiles. ● Look for sarees, lehengas, and turbans which are typical Rajasthani attire that are embellished with mirror work, sequins, and elaborate threadwork. ● These magnificent masterpieces serve as priceless mementos of your trip to Jaisalmer in addition to being lovely additions to your wardrobe. 2. Camel Leather Products ● Visiting Jaisalmer wouldn't be complete without perusing the city's markets for camel leather. Numerous items made of camel leather, including bags, wallets, belts, shoes, and journals, are created by the region's talented craftspeople. ● Natural colours are used in the tanning process to give supple and sturdy camel leather its distinctive scent and personality. ● These premium products not only exhibit superb craftsmanship but also serve as a reminder of Jaisalmer's desert heritage. ● When making your purchase, remember to haggle and think of the distinctive camel leather products as genuine keepsakes from the Golden City. 3. Lacquerware and ornate woodwork ● Jaisalmer is also well-known for its intricate woodwork. ● A variety of wooden artifacts, including carved furniture, picture frames, and decorative items, are sold in the markets. ● Jaisalmer's experienced artisans display their talent and prowess by creating beautiful patterns and motifs. ● Additionally, guests favour lacquerware, which has vibrantly painted and mixed-media motifs. ● These exquisite works of art offer a sense of regal elegance to any environment and make wonderful gifts or additions to home decor. 4. Jewellery and gemstones ● For those who love jewellery, Jaisalmer's markets are a gold mine. ● The city is well-known for its elaborate silver jewellery that is set with priceless and semi-precious stones. The stunning designs, which range from conventional to modern, perfectly encapsulate Rajasthani workmanship. ● Find vivid gemstones including turquoise, garnet, and amethyst set in elaborately made necklaces, earrings, bangles, and rings. ● The Jaisalmer jewellery markets offer a variety of selections to suit every taste, whether you're looking for a striking piece or a subdued accent. A piece of Rajasthan's rich heritage can be brought home by shopping in Jaisalmer, which is an engaging experience. By purchasing these distinctive keepsakes, you help local craftsmen while also preserving a memento of your trip to this alluring desert city. Reach here by taking a taxi service in Jaisalmer or a car hire in Jaisalmer with JCR Cab.