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Dumbo, Brooklyn.
@reneeckim NY is definitely amazing i agree w u on dat 100% i used 2 work in dumbo nd lived tge view soo much even my neighborhood in Ny is beautiful mb i shd post sm pics of whr i live i go out almost every night 2 check out the view i live in coney island and and really close 2 sheepsheadbay and its just amazing i take turns taking a walk on both locations lol nd then we go 2 seagate a few times and the view thr is just beautiful nd i really d k if u have seen it or no but i love ny nd i love NY and Brooklyn nd plzz share more :-)♥♥
@reneeckim that's really cool!!!~ and i totally understand what you mean by being a tourist by walking around taking photos hahah I do the same thing! so may i ask which one do you prefer then? the city? or your neighbourhood? hhahahaha
@ameliasantos10 I actually live here! (not in manhattan, but in another borough called Queens). I'm attending college in midtown, so it's hard to appreciate the city's vibe at all times. Usually it's extremely crowded where I live and go to school. Whenever I want to feel the city afresh, I pull out my camera and wander around as if I am a tourist (hehehe).
@saharhyunjoon NYC is an amazing city to live within. Thanks for your kind comment!
the 6th photo panorama looks amazing!! so are you there on holiday ?? @reneeckim
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