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I’m so excited to be your new food editor for Q2 2014! Since food is very broad, I hope we can reach all spectrums together in order to find something that really sparks the interest of every Vingler within our community. I look forward to sharing our experiences through tasty adventures, cherished recipes, and just expressing our overall love of all things related to food! Feel free to message me of any concerns or if you would like any specific content regarding our shared passion! Let’s try to connect and really build this community together - because let’s face it, if there’s one thing everyone can agree on it’s that food is LOVE!
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hahahahahahahahahahahahaooooohahahhahahah my god
we are all gonna be eating nonstop now thanks to you XD
@onesmile HAHA let's all enjoy it together! food is a necessity, why not enjoy it :D
story of my life!
I was eating fries with my friends a few days ago and told them about this graphic and they all started laughing. It's really true!