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This angelic smile is impressive

Do you like such dogs?
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hm... Photo quality is not good
прикольные собачки. Это же вроде порода "Акитов". Харктер у этих собак не особо, но красивые очень. Я бы себе такую собачку хотел.
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Why should you get a Cavapoochon puppy?
We were looking for a small dog for our family and ended up getting a Cavapoochon. Did you know why Cavapoochon? Well, here are some quick facts about the Cavapoochon dogs that you need to know. And for sure, you'll end up getting this dog because it is a complete family dog that keeps its puppy looks for the whole life.  So, without further ado, let’s dive in. What is a Cavapoochon dog? Cavapoochon is the product of three different breeds (triple-cross) i.e. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a Poodle, and Bichon Frise. This dog was first developed in the year 2001 by Linda and Steven in Arizona, USA. The main objective was to develop a small-sized dog breed with a non-shedding coat. With lots of experiments and dedication, finally, this little, beautiful, and cute-looking dog come to being. What makes a Cavapoochon Special? This stunning dog has a bunch of qualities that make it more special and popular in dog lover society. Following are some of the reasons, you should get a Cavapoochon puppy. Cavapoochon won’t make you Sneeze: If you are allergic to dog hair and dander, Cavapoochon is an ideal breed for you. It will not make you sneeze with its hair as it has a low-shedding coat like an F1b Australian Labradoodle. Pro tip: When getting a puppy, always get it from a responsible breeder. For example, if you are looking for an Australian Labradoodle puppy in New Hampshire, you should search for Australian Labradoodle Breeders in New Hampshire on Google to find the well-reputed breeders. Adorable and Cute Appearance: Cavapoochon is one of the cutest dog breeds in the world. Its physical appearance compels the interactor to give love and become a friend of this little dog. Varieties in Coat Color: If you are specific or choosy to colors then this dog will not disappoint you because Cavapoochon comes in various colors like apricot, black, black/tan/white, Blenheim, cream, red and sable. So getting this dog will broader your color selection and you can easily choose the color which you prefer. Flexible Size: Cavapoochon is also known for its small size, it can easily be adjusted in smaller spaces.  If you are an apartment or condo resident then it is an ideal dog for you. Zero Experience Needed: This is not a demanding dog in sense of expertise. If you have zero experience with dogs and are planning for a pet, a Cavapoochon dog could be the first-class choice for you. So, we will highly recommend the “Cavapoochon” to first-time owners/you. Life Expectancy: Cavapoochon dog has a high life expectancy as compared to other dog breeds. So, if you want a companion that could live for over a decade with you, Cavapoochon is the best one. Low-Shedding Coat: Cavapoochon will not mess your couch cushions, carpet, and your black sweater with hairs because it has a low-shedding coat which makes it an ideal companion for those who are allergic to dog hair. Excellent Temperament: This little buddy is known for its kind, affectionate, calm, and friendly temperament that makes it a perfect therapy dog. Easy to Train and Socialize: Cavapoochon puppies have high intelligence and high energy level. They are fast learners, easily understand your commands, and obey the instructions. Moreover, they are very social dogs, they are kids, strangers, and other pet-friendly dogs if you socialize them and train them at an early stage. Final Thoughts: Among all qualities, the Cavapoochon dog has only one flaw, this dog is not suitable for busy owners. Because if you cannot manage to give proper time, they may develop separation anxiety.