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Nicknames: Yamapi, Profession: Actor and singer Birthdate: 1985-Apr-09 (age 28) Birthplace: Chiba, Japan Height: 176cm* Weight: 60kg*
wowww he sure doesnt look 28 soo handsome nd sexyyy he issz pic 6 he looks like oppa jaejong ;-)♥ i shd get 2 knw him more hahas ♥♥ ;-) thankuuu unnie
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@saharhyunjoong yeah he is like him. he had a drama named summer nude aired last year was so cool
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@christy ..I love pic 7..I fallen in love with japanese men's. .
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@tyta468 me too I can't get enough of them let's share
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@christy ..im ready, share everything ok
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