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TWO-MINUTE PILATES AB SERIES: You will need a Pilates ball for this routine. This is a very quick workout, but in order to make it effective remember to keep your abs tight and your back straight. "HUNDREDS: Lying on your back, place a small exercise ball between your knees and bend your knees into tabletop position. Lift your head and come into a crunch position holding onto the back of your thighs. Pull your belly button into your spine. Extend your legs straight and at 65-degree angle. Anchor your back into the floor and extend your arms by your side. Make sure to squeeze the ball and keep your core engaged. Begin pumping your arms briskly. INHALE through the nose for a count of five and EXHALE through the mouth for a count of five. Perform this 10 times, for a total of 100 counts. SINGLE LEG TWIST: Stay in your crunch position with your head lifted off the floor. Take the ball out from between your legs and extend one leg straight—keep the other bent. Begin sweeping the ball through and between the legs as you switch legs, straightening one and bending the other. Twist the upper body towards the bent leg as you do this, and then alternate sides. INHALE for a count of two and exhale for a count of two. Perform this 20 times, or 10 times each leg. DOUBLE LEG REACH: Rest your head Place the ball between your hands and bend both knees into tabletop position. Anchor your back into the mat. Lift your head, coming into a crunch position, and hover the ball at the top of the ankles. INHALE, extend the legs forward and straight at a 65-degree angle while extending the arms behind in the opposite direction, overhead by the ears. Push your back into the floor and engage your core. HOLD. EXHALE, bend the knees and fold back in, bringing the legs back to starting position, placing the ball on the top of the ankles. Perform this 10 times. SINGLE STRAIGHT LEG TWIST: Extend one leg straight up into the sky and hover the other leg right over the floor. The legs should look like an “L” shape. Perform the same action as “Single Leg Twist,” but try this time to keep the legs straight. Perform 20 times or 10 times each leg. CRUNCH PULSES: Holding the ball between your hands, come into a crunch position with your head lifted off the floor. Both legs are together and extended straight up towards the sky. EXHALE as you crunch on the upward motion. As you pulse up, lift the upper body higher off the floor, imagine as though you are trying to get the ball to touch your toes. INHALE, back down. Perform 10 pulses. Then drop the legs a little lower towards the floor, pushing your back into the floor, and perform the same 10 pulses."
@caricakes the workout actually surprised me, I felt this in my abs the next day
@samrusso716 the hardest part of going to the gym is actually GETTING there, so you're right haha bring the gym to your bedroom
this will make me so much more relaxed in the morning! so much more convenient than going all the way to the gym :P
@nokcha 2 minute abs?! I remember when 15 minute abs was short! I wonder who will come out with the 1 minute abs workout, lol
trying this tomorrow before work!! thanks for sharing :)
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