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I Do I Do (Korean Drama) EP 12 Preview !
Don't miss LIve Recaps for today's episode (EP 12) ! http://www.vingle.net/posts/31501 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Ji An decided to tell TaeKang that hi is the father of her baby, but she can't not meet a good timing to tell it. JiAn and EunSung meet reporters. They explain about the article.(the rumors) (In front of JiAn's house) - NaRi : TaeKang, do you love Ms.JIan?? (I think TaeKang said,Yes) I will win surely! - NaRi : Mrs.. Did you got the news of Ms.JiAn? - CEO Jang : From now, you have to take up the post. -TaeKang : Go Ankle's mom(Ankle is the nickname of JiAn's baby) !!
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