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Most recent Mahindra Tractors Price List 2020 in India

Mahindra Yuvraj 215 nxt, one of the zenith Mahindra farm vehicle models is a fifteen-HP reduced farm hauler with the apex of the street execution and solid style. While the minimization makes it proper for little landholdings and between social tasks, it's far fuel amazing as well. It not just allows simplicity of different procedure on ranch yet furthermore performs very well in between ranch tasks alongside rotavation, splashing, development, planting, and numerous others. Additionally perceive as Mahindra Mini Tractor. Work vehicle Junction is a spot wherein you could find the entirety of the scaled down farm truck rate, highlights and determination as filed underneath Mahindra Mini Tractor Price or Mahindra Small Tractor Price.

Find here small farm hauler charge in Tamilnadu, smaller than usual work vehicle charge in Assam, farm hauler charge in Odisha, Mahindra work vehicle expense in Punjab, Mahindra work vehicle charge in Gujarat, Mahindra farm truck cost in Bihar or in different conditions of India.
Mahindra Chota farm vehicle is utilized in little fields and it works effectively. The Mahindra Chota farm hauler is utilized for multi purposes and impeccably complete for development, planting, pivot, etc. Mahindra Yuvraj 215 Nxt is the top notch smaller than normal work vehicle among all the associations, and this 1 chamber farm truck cost is additionally too lower valued for the Indian ranchers.

1.Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT

The particulars of Mahindra Yuvraj 215 Nxt are:
Cost – Rs.2,60,000/ - *
863.Five cc, 2300 rpm, 1 Cylinder Engine
HP Range15 HP
24litre Fuel Tank Capacity
778 kg Lift Capacity at Hitch
Mahindra Yuvraj 215 Nxt offers higher in general execution all through between cultivating. With a solitary motor and vertical water-cooled motor, it produces the quality of 863.Five cc along with legitimate mileage. The charge of Mahindra Yuvraj 215 Nxtis cycle 2 lakhs.
Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT has been especially intended for vegetation like soybean, cotton, Maze, sugarcane and plantations like Grapes, Mango, oranges, and more prominent. It is utilized by ranchers apparently for different projects like rotavation, development, planting, sifting, splashing tasks notwithstanding haulage operations.Its novel conservative plan and flexible back track width makes it best for working in the middle of harvest pushes just as in plantations for a spread of bury culture bundles.

2. Mahindra Jivo 245 DI

Mahindra JIVO 245 DI 4WD Mini Tractor Price, Specification and Features
Mahindra JIVO carries unmatched quality with its most noteworthy force of 86 Nm to play out all activities serenely, and the most elevated PTO HP to viably constrain all actualizes.
It carries astonishing execution with a strong metal body for ordinary tough use, an over the top convey limit of 750 kg for lifting weighty hundreds without issues, four-wheel drive for better foothold, and the ability to drag a determination of actualizes. Mahindra Jivo 245 DI is the most extreme productive work vehicle, and this 2 chamber farm hauler expense is moreover helpful for the ranchers.
Cost – Rs.Four,10,000/ - *
1366 cc, 2300 rpm, 2 Cylinder Engine
HP Range 24 HP
23litre Fuel Tank Capacity
750 kg Lift Capacity at Hitch
These are mahindra smaller than expected farm hauler rate in India 2020 and mahindra all work vehicle rate posting 2020. For all farm truck charge in India 2020 sign on to TractorJunction.

3. Mahindra Jivo 365 DI

26.8 Kw(36 HP) Jivo 365 DI 4WD Mahindra Tractor, Lifting Capacity: 900 Kg, Rs 480000/unit | ID: 22090379948
Vigorous and Powerful, the shiny new Mahindra JIVO 365 DI 4WD is a Lightweight farm hauler planned explicitly for programming in Paddy fields. Jivo 365's serious DI motor gives unparalleled Power and quality-in-class Mileage. It is the first farm truck in Quite a while equipped with the reformist Position-Auto Control (PAC) innovation that makes it a flat out Master of Puddling. The ADDC Hydraulics empowered with PAC period help you to artistic creations easily with out consistently changing the PC switch, in this way giving over predominant execution. This light-weight 4 wheel drive Puddling Master, while utilized with Mahindra's 1.6m Gyrovator offers consistently leveled field and therefore better fine of puddling without stalling out in wet conditions. Get the new Mahindra JIVO 365 DI 4WD to encounter Power, Performance and Profit like in no way, shape or form prior than.This Mahindra three chamber farm hauler is the greatest proficient work vehicle among the entirety of the brands.
Cost – Rs.5,25,000/ - *
863.5 cc, 2600 rpm, three Cylinder Engine
HP Range 36 HP
35litre Fuel Tank Capacity
900 kg Lift Capacity at Hitch

4. Mahindra Yuvo 475 DI

Mahindra YUVO 475 DI Tractor Specifications Price Mileage | Mahindra Tractor Price
The new age Mahindra Yuvo 475 DI is a 42 HP work vehicle that opens ways to additional opportunities in cultivating. Its trend setting innovation containing an amazing 4 chamber motor, transmission with every single new component and prevalent power through pressure guarantees that it continually accomplishes more, faster and better. Mahindra Yuvo 475 DI is pressed with some top notch in-grandness capacities like more prominent lower back-up force, 12F+3R riggings, most noteworthy convey ability, flexible exclusive seat, ground-breaking fold over clear focal point headlamps, etc. Which stands it other than the unwinding.
It can perform extra than 30 stand-out bundles, guaranteeing that whatever be the need there's a Yuvo for it.
Cost – Rs.6,00,000/ - *
2730 cc, 2000 rpm, 4 Cylinder Engine
HP Range 42 HP
60litre Fuel Tank Capacity
1500 kg Lift Capacity at Hitch

5. Mahindra Yuvo 575 DI

Mahindra dispatches five farm vehicle models under Yuvo range
The new age Mahindra Yuvo 575 DI is a 45 HP work vehicle that opens ways to additional opportunities in cultivating. Its serious time involving a successful four chamber motor, transmission with every new ability and progressed power through pressure guarantees that it generally does more noteworthy, faster and better. Mahindra Yuvo 575 DI is pressed with numerous acceptable in-style highlights like extra once more up force, 12F+3R riggings, greatest lift potential, movable exclusive seat, successful wrap-round clear focal point headlamps, etc. Which stands it separated from the unwinding. It can complete in excess of 30 restrictive projects, ensuring that whatever be the need there might be a Yuvo for it.
Cost – Rs.6,20,000/ - *
2730 cc, 1900 rpm, 4 Cylinder Engine
HP Range 45 HP
48litre Fuel Tank Capacity
1600 kg Lift Capacity at Hitch

6. Mahindra Novo 755 DI 4wd

Mahindra Novo 755 DI, 75 hp Tractor, 2600 kg, Price from Rs.720000/unit onwards, particular and highlights
Presenting the Mahindra Novo Above 60 HP arrangement of farm vehicles. Mahindra Novo 755DI, has a ground-breaking motor which offers greatest PTO energy oversees weighty executes in intense and clingy soil circumstances. It has effective cooling contraption with greater size air cleaner and radiator which limits stifling and gives longer non-forestall running hours.
Mahindra Novo's more than one rates alternatives grants individual to browse 30 accessible paces which ensures total control over profitability and season of activity. Its forward inverse travel move switch allows in a nutshell turn around which could be useful in reaper, dozing programming. Its greater length hold onto guarantees less slippage and longer life. It has 3 rates in PTO to pick from that is valuable in power harrow, mulcher programs its unnecessary raise ability is fitting for substantial executes and its high siphon float allows quicker artworks last touch.
Mahindra Novo 755 DI is the Mahindra greatest hp work vehicle and the best farm hauler in this classification. Mahindra arjun novo all models incorporate interesting incredible abilities that appeal to the new age ranchers
Cost – Rs.12,50,000/ - *
four Cylinder Engine, 2100 rpm
HP Range75 HP
2600 kg Lift Capacity at Hitch

7. Mahindra 575 DI SP Plus

Mahindra 575 DI SP Plus Price Specification Reviews and Features | Mahindra Tractor Price
Mahindra 575 DI SP Plus is farm truck with the guide of Mahindra and Mahindra. Mahindra 575 DI SP Plus has 4 chambers producing 47 hp viable motor. It has a modern water driven lifting ability of 1500 kg that can raising numerous weighty actualizes like cultivator, rotavator, furrow, etc.
It has a force controlling by utilizing that each one the capacities get simple and clean in the fields and has eight ahead and several inverse gearboxes. Mahindra farm vehicle 575 DI SP Plus farm truck has blessing the two alternatives of four wheel drive and 2WD and it's miles utilized for vegetation like wheat, sugarcane, rice, etc.
Mahindra 575 DI SP Plus accompanies progressed age has progressed capacities. It is intended to take new time ranchers at the top of the priority list.
Value Rs 6.29-6.Fifty nine Lakh*
4 Cylinders
HP assortment 47 hp
1500 kg lift capacity
Mahindra 475 charge 2020 is Rs. 6.00 lakh*. Mahindra 475 charge is modest for the ranchers who 42 hp work vehicle.
Mahindra work vehicle 575 charge 2020 is Rs 6.28 lakh*. Mahindra 575 accompanies predominant trademark at an honest expense.
Mahindra 265 rate 2020 is Rs 4.60-four.Ninety lakh*. Mahindra 265 is the most extreme reasonable farm vehicle in 30 hp class.
Mahindra 60 hp-75 hp work vehicle expenses in India is the legitimate charge which is easily fits in the spending plan of practically all ranchers.
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