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Cu Lao Cham

Finally, the little hemp leaves are steamed in a pot of boiling water for high heat. Wish you have a complete fun trip here. The nest shrine of Salanganes'Nest, also known with the beautiful name "white gold" is one of the most precious and rare specialties of Cu Lao Cham The piece of snail put into the mouth is crunchy and has The strange sweetness that no snail has. In addition to the above specialties, Cu Lao Cham also has many delicious dishes that make it hard for visitors to resist. Wish you have a complete fun trip here There are about 100 households living here forming a small village specializing in fishing at sea. The area expansion here is used to increase the house bed by strengthening the linkage of the chests, the pillar, the column and the fake in a straight support to the arm (diaphragm), the third of the roof. The front is separated by a door system that forms the porch. Da Nang Booking has just provided you with the latest information and images about Cu Lao Cham Nymphs We would like to thank you and see you in the next post. It only takes 15 minutes to float on a canoe from Cua Dai Beach, the beauty of the green paradise of this land will gradually appear in your sight and conquer you comprehensively, from the romantic scenery to the background. rich culinary specialties. Along with the presence of almost the status quo of architectural structures, fine arts, and the layout of primitive worshiping statues of the Threefold Taoist period in Buddhism in Hoi An, Hai Tang pagoda is a valuable resource in the study. Scientific research in many fields The next step is to mix the glutinous rice flour (a new type of glutinous rice powder, which is both fragrant and flexible), also known as spreading the dough with crushed hemp leaves. Cu Lao Cham Tour If you see this article, please share it with your family and friends. let's explore Post-impregnation is the place to put the boxes of Ong's fish bones Hai Tang Pagoda in Cu Lao Cham at Da Nang Booking or Tour Da Nang