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Guide to book tour Cu Lao Cham

For the purpose of stimulating tourism demand, long pontoon bridges and suspension bridges are made of solid and solid wooden boards, visitors can move from here to high-speed canoes to visit many tourist attractions other or goodbye back to the mainland. Under the harsh sun or "old" sun, squid only need to dry once from morning to noon is enough. The whole village hopes for them to have a silver-headed happiness for hundreds of years The old grandparents said that the Chinese Feng Shui masters said that if standing from here, looking at Hoi An, they see Cua Dai and Chua Mountain in the area My Son Sanctuary is a straight line. Scuba diving and watching the corals at Cu Lao Cham Her nipples clung to the rock and in numbers Not much, but they have to wait until the tide falls before people can catch them. The Sa Ban is located in the first room recreates the whole overview, including 8 islands with different names of Cu Lao Cham Stemming from the above reasons that According to many old people here, the stream was never known as Suoi Tinh. Bai Chong has a smooth, soft, bright yellow sandy beach under the deep blue sky. The stone crab is considered by the people of Cu Lao island to be a medicine, but no one knows what disease it can cure, but it is only delicious and delicious to eat, plus a cool sea breeze blending with the landscape of sky and clouds. water waves, making the poetic in each piece of crab meat in the island increase more and more refreshing and the spirit is refreshing Bai Chong The beauty of Bai Chong is considered to be nothing less than the Another beach is in Cu Lao Cham, which is somewhat even smaller. A glass of cool water adds a funny story that is enough to dispel the thirst and soothe the burning sun in this Cu Lao land. You can buy tickets at the port or from travel agents located in the old town of Hoi An Large interior space divided into many folds, separated by construction pillars. Suddenly there was a storm, the dust was cloudy, everyone couldn't see each other's faces. Thanks to the development of Cu Lao Cham tourism, the life of the community is better Da Nang Booking - Cu Lao Cham at Da Nang Booking or Tour Da Nang